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June 03, 2015 07:30 ET

Dream Debate of the Century: Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman to Face Free Market Economist Steve Moore at FreedomFest July 9

ROCKVILLE, MD--(Marketwired - June 03, 2015) - Paul Krugman, preeminent New York Times columnist and Nobel laureate, is the country's leading Keynesian economist.

Steve Moore, chief economic analyst for the Heritage Foundation and former board member of Wall Street Journal, is the country's #1 advocate of supply-side economics.

Now, for the first time, they will face each other in an official debate on Thursday, July 9, at 10:30 am PT in the Celebrity Ballroom at Planet Hollywood Hotel & Resort, Las Vegas. They will address the fundamental question, "What's the best policy to restore the American Dream?" The hour-plus debate will address the critical issues of our time -- inequality, the minimum wage, welfare reform, stimulus vs austerity, crony capitalism, health care, energy, taxation, and more.

"I've worked ten years to make this debate happen," says FreedomFest producer and professional economist Mark Skousen. "We are engaged in a great battle of ideas. What is the best course for America? Which policies will lead to greater prosperity and happiness for the most people? This is the seminal debate between the two most influential economists in the world today to determine what direction government policy should take for the future of America."

Krugman has been a strong defender of the Obama administration, favoring government intervention to stimulate recovery and progressive taxation to reduce inequality. His syndicated New York Times column is the most widely read column in the country today, and his views have influenced government leaders both here and abroad.

Moore is excited about the debate. "Everywhere I go, people ask me about my upcoming debate with Krugman." Moore favors less government involvement, a flat tax, and more private investment and entrepreneurship to encourage growth and a higher standard of living. "An unfettered market provides the swiftest and surest way to economic recovery, and the fastest way to create new jobs and provide better products and services."

Major media coverage and at least 2,000 attendees are expected to witness the Krugman-Moore debate. Audience members will be able to submit questions and vote at the end of the debate. A book-signing session will follow the debate.

"It's not about choosing parties or teams," Skousen adds. "We're a 'big tent' organization and welcome diverse ideas. It's time to stop labeling people and start focusing on real solutions to our problems. What is the best way to restore the American dream?"

Skousen notes that both Krugman and Moore are famous for winning arguments. Moore has never lost a debate at FreedomFest. Will he win this time?

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