October 05, 2015 08:00 ET

DreameGGs Launches Equity Funding Platform for Filmmakers

UNION CITY, CA--(Marketwired - October 05, 2015) - DreameGGs today announced it has launched a funding site for filmmakers which relies on fan-based big data play to get a movie financed.

Filmmakers are invited to submit their projects, deemed at that point a DreameGG, to the site and set up a page and social media accounts to promote their campaign for getting the movie funded. A DreameGG will go through three stages:

  • Incubating Stage: The project is posted and filmmakers can seek to gain attention from fans. The filmmakers will post graphics and any updates from the development stage of their project. Fans will have a role in propelling the potential movie to get financing by showing their support through liking, following, and sharing the project on social media platforms.
  • Hatching Stage: The more buzz that the project generates, the more its "Hatchmeter," an index that keeps track of the social media interaction and popularity of a DreameGG, grows. Once the Hatchmeter of the project has reached 100%, the project is unlocked for funding. Investors are invited to aid in the hatching process.
  • Hatched Stage: The project is now fully funded and ready for production.

In addition to getting films funded, the DreameGGs site will also host a community forum, a social networking platform for film lovers, a job board, and other film-related features. Utilizing a proprietary algorithm, the DreameGGs team is also capable of predicting the first-week box office of any movie in pre-release.

"Our site is a community that connects filmmakers, investors, and movie lovers," said co-founder Lorelei Tong. "Most importantly, it allows filmmakers who don't have an opportunity to be backed by the major movie studios a viable alternative to getting their movies made."

About DreameGGs
Based in Union City, California, DreameGGs is a birthplace for awesome films. DreameGGs enables creators to get their films financed and produced based on fan support and big data, and finds investors to fund films with that big data buzz. DreameGGs is film making as a democracy.

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