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DreamQii, Inc.

October 01, 2014 09:00 ET

DreamQii Introduces PlexiDrone to Make Aerial Photography Easier Than Ever Before

Swarm Capability Allows Pilots to Fly Multiple Drones at Once, All From a Single Mobile Device

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - Oct 1, 2014) -

Core news facts:

  • Today, DreamQii introduces PlexiDrone -- the first ultra-portable, swarm-capable, easy-to-control camera robot made for professional photographers, film-makers, hobbyists and developers.
  • Attentive to market feedback from film-makers and photographers, DreamQii realized the demand for an extremely portable aerial photography platform. In response, DreamQii engineered an ultra-compact solution that can be assembled or disassembled in less than a minute, with no tools.
  • With DreamQii's PlexiDrone, you will never have to crop landing gear or propellers out of your footage. A perfectly-positioned camera stabilization system combined with cutting-edge retractable landing gear give PlexiDrone a completely unobstructed 360-degree field of view.
  • The PlexiDrone is compatible with a variety of cameras including standard point-and-shoot, GoPro, Sony Action Cam and others under one kg (the maximum payload). No tools are needed in order to swap out the payload with other cameras or custom hardware on-the-fly.
  • DreamQii's PlexiDrone is also a development platform where makers can create and share custom payload modules. Easy access to a developer's port and power port make the PlexiDrone an ideal development platform.
  • Using the PlexiHub, a single user can control a swarm of PlexiDrones. The PlexiHub is a proprietary Bluetooth-enabled bridge that acts like a wireless router for drones. This allows one user to simultaneously capture aerial footage from multiple vantage points. Swarm technology extends usage scenarios by allowing a single user to control a network of drones to accomplish goals like following search grid patterns or surveying larger surface areas.
  • PlexiDrone is controlled through any smartphone or tablet using DreamQii's custom PlexiGCS (ground control software). PlexiGCS is a next-generation control platform that allows the user to operate one or many PlexiDrones with a range of up to one mile. Users interact with a 3D map to identify stationary or moving points of interest, draw desired flight paths and send commands. PlexiGCS eliminates the need for expert piloting skills and a bulky RC remote control (although one can still be used if desired).
  • The PlexiDrone is a social robot with customizable voice prompts designed to engage, inform and entertain the user. Instead of watching for status indicators like blinking or color-coded LEDs, PlexiDrone talks to you and informs you of its status.
  • With removable snap-fit arms, the PlexiDrone can fit in a container the size of a lunch box. DreamQii has focused on creating an appealing industrial design to match what consumers would expect from an off-the-shelf, ready-to-fly retail package.
  • DreamQii will also offer the PlexiPack -- a sleek and stylish hard-shell backpack designed to make transporting PlexiDrone easy. The PlexiPack brings a lifestyle element to the PlexiDrone experience.
  • Starting today, DreamQii's PlexiDrone is available for pre-order through Indiegogo. There are multiple perk levels or "kits" to match any contributor's needs, including:
    • The PlexiDrone Starter Kit which includes one PlexiDrone, one PlexiHub, one battery and one battery charger. The first 30 people will receive this package for an early bird price of $479. In retail stores this package will sell for roughly $699. 
    • The PlexiDrone Pro Kit comes with everything included in the Starter Kit, as well as a high-performance brushless camera gimbal for smooth footage (camera stabilization). Early bird pricing for the PlexiDrone Pro Kit is $659 for the first 30 contributors. In retail stores this package will sell for roughly $899. Additionally, customers can choose to purchase the Sony Action camera or GoPro Hero 4 for an additional charge.
    • The PlexiDrone Ultimate Kit comes with everything included in the Pro Kit, as well the PlexiPack. Early bird pricing for the PlexiDrone Ultimate Package is $779 for the first 30 contributors. In retail stores this package will sell for roughly $1399. Customers can choose to purchase the Sony Action camera or GoPro Hero 4 for an additional charge.
    • Early bird PlexiPacks will be available as a solo package for $199.
  • Shipping to the U.S. and internationally, DreamQii will deliver the first batch of PlexiDrones in spring 2015.
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Klever Freire, Co-founder and CEO, DreamQii:

"Historically, drones have been difficult to assemble, expensive and not consumer-friendly. Even the do-it-yourself drones require extensive expertise, offer complex instructions and the costs add up quickly. The PlexiDrone makes it easy for anyone to capture amazing photos using an easy-to-assemble drone that can be controlled by the devices you already have and can carry the camera you already love to use. Consumers demand simplicity and we believe the PlexiDrone is the first drone to fulfill that expectation."

About DreamQii

DreamQii is a Toronto-based robotics company that develops easy-to-fly drones, powered by next-generation control software with industrial strength capabilities. Its first product is the PlexiDrone, a consumer grade professional-use drone that snaps together in under 45 seconds, with no tools required, and works with your favorite camera and mobile device. DreamQii is the brainchild of co-founder and CEO Klever Freire, previously a flight design engineer at Bombardier. Klever has assembled an experienced team of co-founders, designers and developers to work on the DreamQii vision: to bring an easy drone-flying experience to consumers.

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