SOURCE: Humanitarian Stanley Tomchin

Humanitarian Stanley Tomchin

September 08, 2014 20:33 ET

Dreams Come True: Stanley Tomchin Changes Lives Through Generous Donations

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Sep 8, 2014) - The "I Have A Dream" Foundation is thrilled to receive another major contribution from philanthropist Stanley Tomchin who donated $825,000 to the nonprofit organization. "Stanley is truly an amazing man. His commitment of time and generous funding will change the lives of the students in our program and in turn, will help pave the way for generations of lives being changed," explained Lindsay Harper, Executive Director of the "I Have a Dream" Foundation. "I Have A Dream" was founded in Harlem in 1981 by businessman Eugene Lang, who promised a class of 6th graders to pay college tuition for any student who graduated from high school. Since then, more than two hundred "I Have a Dream" programs have helped students across twenty-nine states to reach their full potential. The program targets low-income communities allowing children, dubbed "Dreamers" by the foundation, to achieve higher education. Tomchin's donation will be used to provide programming for their core philosophy that includes supporting education, leadership, health and mentoring. Over one hundred students benefit from the foundation to achieve their goal of obtaining a college scholarship.

Last year, Tomchin personally donated $10,000 to the foundation's fundraiser "Experience the Dream," an annual event when the "Dreamers" interact with their supporters in the community. Guests are invited to go through actual enrichment activities and interact with the children to understand the programs and how it benefits the children. "Teaching at-risk youth the importance of creating conversation and networking in a formal tea setting, not only builds confidence within the students, it also shows the Dreamers that there is another side of life. This kind of enrichment changes a child's perception of the world," said Paul Kaleta, Board President of the foundation. The "Dreamers" learned how to present a formal British Tea service for the event in order to understand the importance of culture and creating conversation. Tomchin's sponsorship at the event helped the foundation achieve their fundraising goal, which funded their academic enrichment program for the entire year.

Tomchin has been a long time supporter of the "I Have a Dream" Foundation both personally and through the Changing Lives Community Fund. In 2012, when the foundation launched the West Prep Class of Dreamers, a $10,000 donation he made through the Changing Lives Fund enabled the start up and establishment of a model serving the most at-risk and low-income youth of Clark County School District. Previously, the district was experiencing one of the highest dropout rates in the nation. "I love the tutoring at IHAD. It helped me raise my grades and the tutors really help me get my homework done. I wouldn't have gotten A's and B's this year without tutoring," said Dreamer Abby. Thanks to his initial donation, "I Have A Dream" was able to create a comprehensive tutoring program that has helped students improve their grades by 20%.

The Changing Lives Community Fund is a non-profit organization established by Stanley Tomchin to improve the lives of less fortunate children and families through education, basic human needs, athletics and the arts. Changing Lives has donated over a million dollars to the Las Vegas community, funding over thirty organizations. The fund is only one of many charities that benefit from Stanley Tomchin's support as a passionate philanthropist who 11 years ago relocated from Santa Barbara, CA to Las Vegas, NV. With a special focus on helping underprivileged kids, Tomchin frequently donates to local organizations and provides hands-on help by spending quality time with the children, mentoring them and taking them on educational trips to broaden their horizons. "It is an amazing feeling to know that someone cares about me and my future so much. I would not have the opportunities to succeed in life if it weren't for IHAD and Mr. Stanley," said Dreamer Oscar.

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