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September 18, 2008 12:00 ET

Dress Code: Jobs Available in B.C., If You Dress Right

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Sept. 18, 2008) - Job Magnet - We're just guessing here, but what you wore to the family dinner Sunday is probably different from what you wore Friday night on that hot date, and that's probably different than the threads you chose for your three-hour Psych exam. And here's another educated guess: you're a bit unsure about what to wear to make the right impression at a job interview.

We get it. You're looking to land (or maybe you just landed) the perfect part-timer but you're worried that your closet full of oversized plaid shirts, tight t's and skinny jeans with frayed bottoms (fashion a la Mary-Kate) might not cut it. And for the guys out there, your oversized fluorescent hoodie (although perfect on the slopes) paired with Brody-Jenner-swim-trunks turned 'errand-runners' - well, we're not sure the manager will even let you through the door in those.

So what do you do? Here are some fashion basics for work:

1) Tip #1: 'The Interview Outfit'. It's the day of the interview and you are scouring your closet for the best thing to wear. Your parents were right. First impressions are huge. Toss all of the things that have frayed edges (even if the designer put them there) and mustard stains into the 'No' pile.

You want to look well put together, you want to look like you unpacked and actually used your iron. Here's the essence of it: you want to look relatively conservative so that your personality can come through. When you leave the interview, you want people to remember you not your outfit.

Don't get us wrong. We're definitely talking more Charlotte York than Charlotte Church. For guys, we're thinking somewhere between how Ben Affleck looks on the red carpet and how he looks when he is at the grocery store. Big difference! You don't necessarily have to wear a tie but there shouldn't be one wrapped around your head either.

To all the fashionistas out there: your job interview is not the right place to try out your fiercest new runway look. It is the right place to play it safe and classic. Having said all of this, yes - it's okay to dress your age, walking in dressed like you're 40 would just be weird.

2) Tip #2: Dress the Part. So you chose black dress pants and a crisp-white button-down for the interview. No wonder you landed the job. Now the hard part. You have to decide what to wear for your shift every Monday and Thursday.

First things first, ask the manager if there is a dress code. Second, consider your environment. If you are working in a financial office one day a week, stick with corporate couture. Classic and conservative. If you landed a part-time job at the uber-popular "rare finds" record store (where no doubt all your co-workers are planning on being the next Mark Ronson) you can probably get away with the skinny jeans and ACDC tee but we still beg of mustard stains.

Look at what the other employees are wearing and base your style on that. If you are ever in doubt about a particular piece before jetting off to work, take it off and choose something else. Then, consider asking a couple of trusted colleagues for their opinion on it - make sure you ask people who are clearly respected and in tune with the culture. You could even ask your supervisor.

Dressing the part will help you get one of the cool jobs available in B.C. That doesn't mean you should buy a whole new wardrobe. You'd be amazed at how far a pair of black pants and a few classic shirts or sweaters will take you.

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