February 18, 2009 14:00 ET

DRIFIRE Flight Suit and Air Combat Uniform Breakthrough Innovations

Safety Garment Provider DRIFIRE Has Released the Flight Suit and Air Combat Uniform; Both Products Set New Industry First Standards for Comfort, Breathability, FR Protection, Design, Durability of Shape and Size, and Overall Performance

COLUMBUS, GA--(Marketwire - February 18, 2009) - DRIFIRE® President and Chief Executive Officer L. Gene Cone announced that the company will make the first public showing of two new military market garments that significantly advance the state-of-the-art in Air Combat Uniform (ACU) and flight suit solutions.

DRIFIRE has worked closely with U.S. Navy and Air Force uniform specification experts in an effort to develop these garments. They are the first in this category not comprised of meta-aramid material, which was pioneered in the 1960s and 70s, and which is currently experiencing a worldwide shortage.

DRIFIRE aims to achieve a new and significantly higher standard of safety garment. Areas the provider will focus and improve upon include breathability, comfort, design integrity, durability, flame resistance, and overall performance. DRIFIRE has developed its flight suit and ACU solutions using the company's performance FR clothing blend, which is based on a patented formula that optimizes the garments' moisture wicking and drying time and FR protection using a combination of hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers.

For the first time, the company is also adding an antistatic carbon fiber component in these garments to enhance the protection for users working in a volatile environment.

"Reliable sources within the U.S. military have sited backlog order numbers in the tens of thousands of units for the meta-aramid-style ACU and flight suit garments. But even if the meta-aramid product were not in short supply, our DRIFIRE innovation represents the most significant improvement in overall performance clothing protection since standards were first set for these garments in the 1960s," said Mr. Cone.

Mr. Cone said significant interest in the Company's ACU and flight suit garments has already been expressed on behalf of several European-based organizations and institutions with military interests.

Growing Success Supplying Military Garments

In March of this year, DRIFIRE announced that the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) has significantly expanded its authorization for Naval Aviation Commands, including Marine Aviation Commands, to procure a greater variety of DRIFIRE safety garments through open purchase or through GSA.

The DRIFIRE performance and flame resistant clothing that has received approval to date includes the company's silk-weight T-shirts and silk-weight boxer shorts, both of which were previously authorized for purchase in last August.

The new performance safety garment line will also include the addition of silk-weight long sleeve T-shirts, silk-weight long pants, mid-weight T-shirts, mid-weight long sleeve T-shirts, and mid-weight long pants. NAVAIR is that part of the United States Navy which provides material support for naval aircraft and airborne weapon systems. For the U.S. Marines, DRIFIRE fabric is sourced for the production of the Marine combat shirt.

DRIFIRE has won the designation of 'Certified Manufacturer of USMC Optional Shirts,' which is a performance certification since the United States Marine Corps does not currently certify FR for optional wear. In addition to being one of two finalists in the Army FREE program, the company has received notice that DRIFIRE base layer garments have met all the standards of the FREE program, making DRIFIRE one of only two companies worldwide that can claim this benchmark

About DRIFIRE LLC: DRIFIRE® is an engineered hybrid line of flame resistant performance garments utilizing the patented dri-release® moisture management technology enhanced with proven flame resistance. DRIFIRE is the industry-first line of performance FR garments, providing the optimal combination of flame resistance, moisture management and comfort, making it the performance garment of choice for anyone who faces potential exposure to flame and flash fire, such as military personnel, law enforcement professionals, firefighters and others in occupations with a potential exposure to burn risks. DRIFIRE garments keep active men and women cool and dry in the heat, and warm and dry in the cold and provide a level of thermal protection, are self extinguishing and have no melt, no drip characteristics. The technology has been exhaustively tested and has been proven to work in both lab and real-life settings. Additional information about DRIFIRE is available at

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