SOURCE: Drive Marketing Concepts

November 15, 2007 13:37 ET

Drive Marketing Concepts Breaks the Million-Dollar-per-Year Mark in Just the Third Year of Existence

ROCKY HILL, CT--(Marketwire - November 15, 2007) - Drive Marketing Concepts, an outsourced micro-marketing firm, has posted a record-breaking year for their clients. DMC, owned and operated by William Bishop, was formed only in February 2005. They have already expanded numerous times in order to meet client demands and have accrued over $1,000,000 in sales this year alone. The outsourced micro-marketing industry is one of the fastest growing fields today, and DMC is setting the bar in the northeast region.

Because of their unprecedented growth and high level of ethics, DMC has changed the way many of their clients are doing business. DMC has recently taken on the lead generation industry in February 2007 and are already the strongest outsourced sales force on the East Coast. Many of their clients are finding that it is easier to subcontract their work to DMC, rather than hire their own 'in-house' personnel.

"Due to Drive's high level of customer service as well as the pride they take in their work, it would be almost impossible for us to duplicate their success with our own force," says Dave Boscian of FJB & Associates, a leader in the home improvement industry for over 20 years. "We find it is much more efficient for us to focus on what we do best, Home Improvement, and allow the representatives from Drive to do what they do, which is to deal with the public in a professional manner on our behalf." This mindset on efficiency is not exclusive to one home improvement company, it is a thought process shared by a multitude of industries that need help in the ever-competitive world of marketing. The outsourced micro-marketing industry was built on the idea that companies like DMC would train their representatives to do what their clients are unable or unwilling to do 'in-house.' By outsourcing the work, companies like FJB also outsource the staff, the equipment, and the headaches that come with an extra 30 employees on payroll.

The incredible growth in the industry is very exciting, but the really intriguing aspect for Mr. Bishop is what this industry can provide as a catalyst for expansion in the future. For example, DMC recently moved into an office suite in Rocky Hill, which solidifies their presence in the market for years to come and allows their clients the peace of mind that comes with a business partnership that is forged on solid ground. Drive's local status allows them to have a personal relationship with the clients and meet each individual client's specific needs.

"Because we are able to provide a service to our clients that they can only receive from us, it is not really surprising that we are growing as fast as we are. Any company that has no distinct competition in their market will have the ability to grow rapidly. The key is to follow up that market situation with an unprecedented work ethic and desire. That way, no matter what service you provide, you will always have a formula for volatile growth. That's where we are right now," says Bill Bishop, CEO/President. "Because we are privately owned, there is a different level of pride that we put into our work. That pride and work ethic are the two things that have helped us to break the million-dollar-per-year mark so soon and are also the two key components that will be integral in continuing our national and international expansion." Drive Marketing Concepts already has two new markets prepared for expansion in the first quarter of 2008.

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