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October 16, 2007 06:00 ET

Drug and Theft Crimes Are Top Reasons Individuals Are Denied Access via the RAPIDGate Program

Thorough Background Screening Reduces Threats to Secure Installations

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - October 16, 2007) - Felony convictions for drug offenses and theft are the top two reasons why individuals are denied access to secure installations through the RAPIDGate® Program. According to Eid Passport, Inc., the company that provides the RAPIDGate Program, 26% of all individuals who failed the Program's thorough background screening were found to have previous felony convictions on drug charges, and 26% had theft-related convictions. These are just two of the many criteria that disqualify individuals from receiving a RAPIDGate Badge that allows streamlined entrance into secure installations.

The RAPIDGate Program is a voluntary access protocol for vendor, supplier, service provider, contractor and subcontractor employees who routinely enter secure installations. These installations may house military and government personnel, their families, civilian workers, lethal ordnance, toxic chemicals, and radioactive materials. The RAPIDGate Program performs thorough background screening on each employee who wants to use a RAPIDGate Badge for streamlined access into the installations. This background screening uses many up-to-date resources including commercial databases, government watch lists, and county-level court records to detect any prior history forbidden by installation policies. The RAPIDGate Program has found prior convictions for violent crimes, sex crimes, and criminal warrants, in addition to the drug and theft offenses.

"We're not talking about expired drivers licenses here," said Steve Larson, Chairman and CEO of Eid Passport. "Our Program deters the real threats to secure installations. Even better, it helps the qualified employees get in and do their jobs more quickly and easily."

About the RAPIDGate Program

The RAPIDGate Program provides an identity and access management solution for vendor, supplier, contractor and subcontractor personnel entering secure facilities. It provides multiple layers of security checks, including validation of employment status, identity authentication, background screening, biometric verification, and verification of authorization to enter. Access control personnel can process RAPIDGate badgeholders in seconds, which improves gate throughput, saves companies time and money, and improves customer service. Moreover, one RAPIDGate Badge may be used to request access to multiple installations for even greater convenience, efficiency, and return on investment. The RAPIDGate Program already serves thousands of companies and tens of thousands of RAPIDGate Badgeholders who enjoy streamlined access into Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security facilities across the continental U.S. and Hawaii. The RAPIDGate Program contains products and services subject to U.S. Patent No. 6,779,721.

About Eid Passport

Eid Passport ( integrates leading-edge products and services into solutions that combine identity authentication, background screening, and access management to make facilities, assets, and people safer and more secure. Using the Eid Passport® Enterprise ID Solutions, secure facilities -- such as military installations, government buildings, manufacturing and distribution sites, ports, and commercial buildings -- can increase security and streamline access for a variety of authorized personnel.

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