SOURCE: Winning Brands Corporation

March 13, 2007 12:38 ET

Dry Cleaner Report: No Perc Required With Solvent Free Solutions™

Higher Sales, Lower Costs and More Customer Satisfaction Noted After Conversion to 100% Wet Cleaning

BARRIE, ON -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 13, 2007 -- Winning Brands Corporation (PINKSHEETS: WNBD) announces new findings in the Dry Cleaning industry that provide new hope to cleaners facing increasingly tough Perc regulations. Following a year long evaluation, a 10% increase in sales and 30% reduction in utility and other costs was reported by the DRYCLEAN USA Town Center Boulevard plant in Orlando, Florida after complete replacement of Perc with Winning Brands' Solvent Free Solutions™ System of Wet Cleaning. The findings are significant because they arose under typical operating conditions, were tabulated over the course of an entire reporting year and are consistent with the findings of others converting to the Solvent Free Solutions™ System. This proprietary form of Wet Cleaning uses no Perchlorethylene to clean "Dry Clean Only" garments. Such results are considered a breakthrough in the $7 Billion Dry Cleaning industry because of the potential to give tens of thousands of professional Dry Cleaners a way out of increasingly stringent Perc regulations. The regulations arise from concerns about Perc in the environment and its long-term health effects. The State of California has recently enacted legislation to phase out the use of Perc entirely. No other Wet Cleaning system has been able to achieve and document consistent 100% substitution of Perc, thus positioning the Solvent Free Solutions™ System as a leading alternative model for the Dry Cleaning industry's future.

The Solvent Free Solutions™ System that generated these findings was purchased, paid for, operated and evaluated by the customer at arm's length under true operating conditions. The evaluation period was January 2006 to December 2006. No consideration was paid to the party reporting the findings, nor is there any conflict of interest. Mr. Dipak Patel, owner of the DRYCLEAN USA plant, reports these findings to dispel any doubt that a viable alternative to Perc exists for the average American Dry Cleaner wishing to modernize his or her plant. His Orlando plant had been a conventional Perc facility for 7 years. According to Mr. Patel the financial benefits to the plant operator are plain to see. He is speaking out for the benefit of others in the industry and the public interest. He also notes an increase in consumer satisfaction from the elimination of Perc odour and improved feel of the garments. All clothing normally processed by a traditional Dry Cleaner using Perc was instead processed using plain water and Winning Brands' Smart™ Wet Cleaning Solutions with specified equipment and finishing. The combination of these elements with suitable training constitutes the current Solvent Free Solutions™ System.

Jim Giddings was the co-ordinator of the Orlando Project. He has 25 years experience as a Dry Cleaner and several years experience helping to develop awareness of Professional Wet Cleaning in North America. "I have seen a big change in the industry's perception of Professional Wet Cleaning. It went from one of complete skepticism to gradual recognition that something important is happening. Our team has installed/converted a growing number of 'real world' plants, including cruise ships. They are all proving 100% viable. These sites can finally put to rest any doubts. Perc cleaners and regulators can simply see for themselves and then decide." Giddings added that, "Mr. Patel also reported his chronic sinus condition has gone away after the conversion -- but we don't make any claims about that -- it's just more information in the big picture." Winning Brands CEO Eric Lehner points out that Dry Cleaners don't have to change their name to use the proprietary system of Wet Cleaning. "You can still be ABC Dry Cleaners," says Lehner; "...if you have replaced your Perc with the right water-based system, then you've gone environmental behind the scenes. That's what matters." The company is in the process of designing explanatory consumer posters for Dry Cleaners who have made the switch.

Winning Brands Corporation manufactures Smart™ Wet Cleaning Liquids, Winning Colours® Multi-Cleaner, KIND™ Laundry Products and other environmentally targeted cleaning solutions in Canada using North American materials. The company's mission is to replace hazardous chemicals in widespread use with safer alternatives.

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