September 12, 2007 03:15 ET

DSM - Repurchase and cancellation of shares, completion of program (week 37)

HEERLEN, NETHERLANDS--(Marketwire - September 12, 2007) -

Royal DSM N.V. has repurchased 311,250 of its own shares in the period from 6 September 2007 up to and including 10 September 2007 at an average price of EUR 37.10. This is in accordance with the second phase of the share buyback program, announced on 27 April 2007. The consideration of this repurchase was EUR 11.5 million.

The total number of shares repurchased under the second phase of this program is 13,828,008 shares for a total consideration of EUR 507.9 million, which completes the second phase and full program of the share repurchase.

During the total program 20,528,008 shares were bought for a consideration of EUR 750 mln, at an average price of EUR 36.54.

As resolved in the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, held on March 28, 2007, the shares that are bought back will be cancelled. On 16 February 2007 as well as on 3 September 2007 6,700,000 shares were cancelled. The process to cancel the remaining 7,128,008 shares was initiated today.

Upon completion of the cancellation of the remaining shares, the issued ordinary shares will be reduced from 201,953,008 shares to 181,425,000 shares, being around 10.2%. Royal DSM N.V. will inform the market upon completion of said process.


DSM is active worldwide in nutritional and pharma ingredients, performance materials and industrial chemicals. The company develops, produces and sells innovative products and services that help improve the quality of life. DSM's products are used in a wide range of end-markets and applications, such as human and animal nutrition and health, personal care, pharmaceuticals, automotive and transport, coatings and paint, housing and electrics & electronics (E&E). DSM's strategy, named Vision 2010 - Building on Strengths, focuses on accelerating profitable and innovative growth of the company's specialties portfolio. The key drivers of this strategy are market-driven growth and innovation plus an increased presence in emerging economies. The group has annual sales of over EUR 8 billion and employs some 22,000 people worldwide. DSM ranks among the global leaders in many of its fields. The company is headquartered in the Netherlands, with locations in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas. More information about DSM can be found at

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