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May 13, 2008 16:32 ET

dTechs epm Ltd: Safer Communities for Canadians, Innovative New Technology Locates Marijuana Grow Operations

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - May 13, 2008) - More than $750,000.00 worth of potent marijuana plants and approximately 70 pounds of packaged marijuana were discovered in Chestermere, Alberta homes, thanks to technology created by Calgary-based dTechs epm Ltd (dTechs). A total of four homes with marijuana grow operations in an area of over 900 homes were located with the new dTechs technology used in testing efforts in collaboration with the local utility, the RCMP, and the Calgary Police Service.

dTechs, founded by a former Calgary Police Service Drug Sergeant, announced today that it has completed and tested a specially developed wireless electrical meter suite which detects and reports excessive use of electricity. Excessive electricity use is often coincident with electricity theft, which in many cases is the result of a marijuana grow operation along the line.

This is the full system test for the innovative technology, following a 'proof of concept' test completed in 2007 with another Utility Company (unnamed due to contractual obligations) where nine marijuana grow operations were located in a residential area of 603 homes.

"We are extremely pleased with our results and after three years of hard work on this project, we have a great sense of achievement," said Roger Morrison, President and Founder of dTechs.

Morrison developed the high-resolution wireless primary-metering system as a result of his policing career, which involved dismantling marijuana grow operations. "I became frustrated with the vast number of organized crime grow operations in Canada and the lack of any proven or economical technology to combat them on a large scale," added Morrison.

This recent testing effort involved the monitoring and assessment of a large area in the Chestermere area. Only nine test points each with the dTechs meter were required to narrow down and close in on the four marijuana grow operations; which were previously undetected in a total of 927 homes.

Electricity theft is estimated to exceed $1 billion per year in Canada, leaving law abiding utility customers to pay for this power. The implementation of smarter grid technologies nationwide would result in extensive savings to electrical consumers.

The dTechs Meter Suite is designed to be permanently deployed in order to fill a gap in electricity distribution monitoring which presently exists between the meter on your home and the substation many kilometers of wire away. This new technology would now allow public utilities companies to accurately and cost-effectively monitor the use of electrical power.

The dTechs Meter Suite can locate stolen power and inefficient power lines, in addition to providing immediate outage notification and power forecasting capabilities.

"The overall societal aspects of this technology are endless. It can help locate electrical theft, stop marijuana grow operations, and reduce unbilled electricity loss; which will improve the operating efficiency of public utilities. The impacts related to public safety, organized crime issues and electrical-efficiency potential are unprecedented," said Morrison.

dTechs would like to thank the local Utility, The Southern Alberta Marihuana Investigation Team - comprised of the RCMP, the Calgary Police Service. dTechs would like to also thank Rogers Communications, Calgary Technologies Inc., Multi-Tech Systems Inc, and 3M for assisting with the development and testing of the dTechs Meter Suite.

dTechs epm Ltd.

dTechs epm Ltd. (dTechs) is a manufacturer of electrical meters that, combined with advanced software solutions provided by dTechs, is able to detect irregular uses of power. dTechs was founded by former Calgary Police Organized Crime Investigator Roger Morrison, who was a supervisor for the Southern Alberta Marijuana Investigation Team and an expert in all aspects of marijuana propagation. Additional information and details to obtain a full media information package can be found at www.dtechs.ca.

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