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March 17, 2006 13:56 ET

Duel Between Man and Death, Finds Price of Life

Steven Man and Alexandra Townsend Tapped to Star in Antonio Z. Barajas' "The Duel"

HOLLYWOOD, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 17, 2006 -- Writer / director, Antonio Z. Barajas, has tapped actors Steven Man and Alexandra Townsend to star in his paranormal thriller, "The Duel."

"The Duel" is the story of Blake Lance (Steven Man) and the journey he undertakes when he is unexpectedly face with the mightiest of foes. A good, decent and religious man, he has built a life for his family that defines the American Dream. Their fortune takes a sudden turn for the worst when Death visits Blake and informs him that his time on earth is over. Blake's refusal to give in leads him into a face-to-face duel with the Grim Reaper. Blake's faith and beliefs are put to the ultimate test. Will it be his salvation or his demise? And does the man with everything, need to lose everything, so that he may find himself?

Lead Steven Man, finds great resonance in the character of Blake. "He is a man who is tried by every obstacle imaginable, which is a battle many of us feel like we are waging every day. And like all of us, he has the potential for greatness, though can't see it, until he is force to find it." Fresh off his Best Actor award for his performance in the film noir, "Sweet Deadly Dreams" and Monday night's premiere of Hallmark Entertainment's biopic, "Augusta, Gone," Man is finding his place as one of Hollywood's leading men.

Alexandra Townsend is stunning as Blake Lance's wife, Anne. "I have such admiration for her, Anne is an incredibly strong woman. Beyond her own pain, she is coupled with the pain of seeing both her children and husband suffer, yet all she can do, other than to be there, is to love and support." The Los Angeles based Actress/Model was born and raised in Manhattan Beach, California and has starred in several projects including the feature film, "The Witness." Recently she added yet another dimension to her already full slate, as a producer and star of the reality show, "Busted."

Writer / Director Antonio Z. Barajas has been writing screenplays since 1990 and directing for almost as long. Have treaded in the deep waters of feature film with "Texas Tale," Barajas rounded out his skills by embracing the commercial arena, as well as television with the TV pilot, "Midnight Expressions." What sets Barajas apart as a director is his dramatic sense of timing and creative aesthetic, combined with his passion to find the true essence of the characters and tell a truly dramatic story. "I want to reach into people's hearts and minds, and tell stories that they can relate to."

Through Barajas' rapport with the Dallas community, both film and industry alike are welcoming this extraordinary project.

North American theatrical distribution has been locked.

Stay tuned to for an insiders look at the road one film maker is taking to make his vision come to life on the silver screen.

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