DuroAir Technologies Inc.

DuroAir Technologies Inc.

February 20, 2013 09:38 ET

DuroAir Announces Breakthrough Industrial Indoor Air Quality Recycling Technology

Also Introduces Retractable and Fixed Metal Sided Enclosure Systems

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Feb. 20, 2013) -

DUROPURE captures and thoroughly cleans chemical and particulate contaminated air
Treated air can be returned safely to indoor working environment
Technology substantially exceeds all known employee OHS guidelines for Indoor Air Quality
Eliminates exhausting of polluted air into exterior environment
Eliminates high capital and operating costs of make-up air
Reduces or eliminates extensive permitting process related to exhaust air units
DUROROOM retractable enclosure systems allow use of patented tapered-airflow technology
Systems fabricated from cost competitive, fire resistant clear vinyl or light-weight metal
Retractable or fixed clean rooms can range from 10'H x 14'W x 24'L at 13,500 CFM to 20'H x 40'W x 100'L height at 80,000 CFM and beyond
Industry focus includes Industrial, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Automotive and Agricultural
Applications include clean rooms, dust rooms, weld rooms, and paint booths

DuroAir Technologies Inc. ("DuroAir" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that it has developed, and successfully independently tested, the world's first known portable air containment and filtration technology that fully filters and recycles industrial contaminated indoor air and returns it safely to the indoor air environment.

This has significant environmental and cost saving implications for several industries including automotive and industrial coatings of new and refurbished equipment; clean rooms; swine and poultry barns; and many applications in aerospace, military, pharmaceutical and food preparation industries.

When combined with a new array of retractable or fixed shelters or booths, DuroAir can provide almost any customer that has an Indoor Air Quality ("IAQ") issue, a cost effective, and environmentally beneficial solution.

"This might just be the Holy Grail for the IAQ management industry," said an industry expert with over 30 years of industry experience. "We have long dreamed about being able to clean and recycle indoor air to a safe level for humans, but until now, we never thought it was possible," said the industry expert.

"From its modest beginning within the aerospace industry, we have been working on developing and perfecting this technology," said DuroAir CEO Robert Leadley. "By combining our airflow shelter systems with our new air recycling technology, we can solve just about any IAQ issue that industry can throw at us - and we can do it fast and economically."


Almost all businesses that require any sort of coating to be applied to their products including paint, powder coating or other application that involves spraying has two problems: (1) keeping the area of work contained so that it does not get contaminated with dust or other particulates; and, (2) dealing with the air after it has been contaminated. Current solutions usually involve expensive fixed rooms that require the outdoor exhausting of high volumes of air, which in turn must be treated and filtered to meet stringent environmental standards. These fixed enclosures require significant space that permanently reduces square footage available for other processes and limits the size and shape of objects that can be moved into the booths.

Exhausting air also means that replacement air must be brought inside which, if either significantly above or below indoor air temperatures, must also be pre-treated through make-up air processes. These units have high initial capital costs with significant ongoing operating costs.

Similar problems exist for many other industrial situations where a large size workspace is required either to keep dirty air away from a critical process, or where air is made dirty by a process and other employees need to be protected from the contaminated air. DuroAir provides a perfect solution for almost any Clean Room application.

Too often, due to lack of available economical solutions, industries solve these problems by improperly conducting these processes outside resulting in non-conforming air pollution; or the processes are conducted inside exposing employees to unsafe breathing air.


Through the combination of its already patented, Tapered Airflow technology, and its now patent pending, DuroPure Indoor Air Recycling technology, DuroAir has an employee-safe, environmental and economical solution for just about any indoor air problem.

Retractable DuroRoom enclosure systems solve many problems including not permanently taking up indoor real estate; allowing for use of overhead cranes to move large or heavy objects in place which can be enclosed after they are put in place; and due to their modular design, can be manufactured to any size enclosure without the need to re-engineer the system. All enclosures regardless of size, balance the air with horizontal tapered airflow which allows for much faster drying of water-based coatings by creating an "air envelope" that is not susceptible to contamination from dusty or dirty floors.

DuroAir can also match DuroRoom to its more conventional DuroCap filtration system that captures virtually all contaminants and particulates before exhausting the cleaned air outdoors in a completely environmentally compliant manner.

Adding DuroPure indoor air filtration systems to a DuroRoom configuration allows the user to conduct any type of operation that creates contaminated air, and therefore avoid the high costs of treating and exhausting the air outdoors in an environmentally compliant manner. This provides a low cost solution to those industries that currently have no method of avoiding non-compliant air contamination either indoors or outdoors.

DuroAir products are also simple to install with most installations being completed in just a few hours. One client recently called DuroAir with an emergency problem on a Tuesday, took delivery of a standard size system the next day, and was in full operation Wednesday evening - 30 hours from purchase order to use.

DuroAir is based near Toronto, Canada and has developed an extensive distributor network throughout North America. It has also modified and sold systems to be compliant internationally. All components are made only in Canada and the Unites States.


The Industrial Hygiene Assessment report was issued January 31, 2013 by Ontario Environmental and Safety Network Ltd. ("OESN"). "OESN" was recommended by the Ontario Ministry of Labor as a competent independent company capable of making the assessment required for such a significant technological breakthrough such as what DuroAir has produced, and as an Agency that the Ministry would rely upon.

As stated in the report, DuroAir requested OESN to provide an evaluation "to determine if the spray booth and filter technology (which exhausts directly into the surrounding indoor space) is effective in capturing contaminants and therefore will not impact the surrounding indoor environment where it is used." The report can be summarized as follows:

  • Four primary areas of concern were monitored including Hexamethylene Diisocyanate ("HDI"), Volatile Organic Compounds, general Indoor Air Quality and noise;
  • No compound identified ever exceeded allowable limits set in Ontario as prescribed by Ontario Regulation 833/90;
  • No HDI monomers were detected at all;
  • Some HDI oligomer was detected but at a level of less than half of the limit suggested by the only known jurisdiction in North America (Oregon)to name a limit;
  • Data suggests occupational exposure limits for carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and particulates (not otherwise specified) will not be exceeded
  • Measurements indicates that 99% of noise measurements were below 60 dBA

In general, while tests were conducted in an environment of continuous coatings applications for a period of 8 hours whereas most industrial applications would only be at a substantially less intense rate, the DuroPure™ system demonstrated itself to be perfect in capturing all compounds that have the potential to be harmful to humans working in surrounding areas.


DuroAir designs and manufactures a wide variety of technology solutions for many industrial markets that assists companies to provide both employee safe, and environmentally compliant Indoor Air Quality ("IAQ") treatment systems. DuroAir systems are designed to be the most effective, and lowest cost systems that meet all regulatory requirements in all jurisdictions in North America. These systems can also be modified as necessary to meet international compliance requirements as well.

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