September 14, 2009 18:40 ET

DVT Provides OVM Compliance Review Capabilities

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - September 14, 2009) - AMIQ today announced the availability of compliance-checking rules for the Open Verification Methodology (OVM) in the DVT integrated development environment (IDE). DVT is an integrated design and verification development environment for the e and SystemVerilog languages, based on the popular and powerful Eclipse infrastructure. The OVM is the leading verification methodology that facilitates the development and usage of plug-and-play verification IP (VIP) written in the SystemVerilog (IEEE 1800), SystemC® (IEEE 1666), and e (IEEE 1647) languages.

"In line with our continuous improvement of DVT as the complete development environment for e and SystemVerilog, we added OVM Compliance Review to help audit the architecture of any OVM-based verification environment," said Cristian Amitroaie, CEO of AMIQ. "Integrated with well known DVT capabilities such as error identification as you type, code browsing, auto-completion, and in-line OVM documentation, the automatic compliance checking enables the developer and reviewer to jump directly to the problematic source code, understand, fix and refresh checks or define new tasks. Since this analysis is done in the same tool used for everyday coding, it further improves the productivity and quality of the verification development process."

DVT provides a broad range of OVM Compliance Review features, including:

--  Overview of the environment architecture
--  Customizable checks (grouped in categories including architecture,
    stimuli, checking, coverage, messaging, reset handling, packaging, etc.)
--  Statistics (sequence library, checks, coverage groups, etc.)
--  Graphical user interface (filters, search, etc.)
--  Direct jump to problematic source code
--  Integrated review and development (checks are refreshed as you fix
--  Exportable HTML report

"With the widespread adoption of the OVM for both SystemVerilog and e verification environments, many users have requested automated checking," said Thomas L. Anderson, Enterprise Verification Product Marketing Director at Cadence Design Systems, co-developer of the OVM. "We worked closely with AMIQ to ensure that their review included all elements of our internal compliance checklist to make it available to the OVM community. The resulting enhanced DVT product is an excellent example of companies in the OVM ecosystem working together to benefit their customers."


OVM Compliance Review is available immediately with the 2.5 release (and later) of DVT.

About DVT

DVT is for verification engineers working with e and SystemVerilog (advanced verification languages), who are dissatisfied with the limitations of plain text editors and plain text searches (grep) when reading, writing or understanding source code. It is an integrated development environment that provides advanced coding capabilities (auto-completion, in-line documentation, semantic search, task tracking, compliance code review, etc.). Unlike text editors such as vi, emacs and nedit, DVT is similar to commonly used programming-language IDEs such as "Visual C" and "Java Development Tools." It focuses on e and SystemVerilog, assembles a complete suite of tools and integrates with all major simulators (for execution and documentation), revision control systems and bug tracking engines.

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AMIQ, founded in 2003, is an ASIC functional verification services provider. AMIQ has a dedicated division for DVT development. For more information on AMIQ please contact

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