February 23, 2016 06:12 ET

Dx3 to Demonstrate How Artificial Intelligence Is the Future of Retail

Innovations Like Pepper the Robot to Debut at Annual Tech Conference

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - February 23, 2016) - ​­­ Astro Boy may be a fictional character, but Pepper the Robot is its real-­world incarnation. Pepper --­­ the world's first humanoid robot --­­ will join exhibitors like MasterCard, Fluid, Vizera and Eyeris, as they interact with industry experts as part of The Retail Collective Lab, sponsored by MasterCard, at this year's Dx3 Trade Show and Conference.

Pepper is built to get smarter over time and interact with humans on an emotional level, and is among the top innovations making a Canadian debut at Dx3.

"The focus of this year's Retail Collective is how the physical store is becoming a powerful experiential channel," said Anthony Lipkin, partner and vice­-president of Dx3. "Improvements in the field of artificial intelligence like we're seeing with Pepper, Fluid and other Retail Collective participants are a testament to how retailers are redefining the way customers are experiencing their brands."

This changing retail experience is front and centre at Dx3's Retail Collective Lab curated by Doug Stephens, founder of Retail Prophet and designed by Chute Gerdeman. In its third year, the Retail Collective Lab at Dx3 will demonstrate how the physical store is no longer solely a distribution point for product but rather a powerful media channel.

Pepper is already making waves in Japan: SoftBank Mobile uses Pepper to greet, inform and amuse customers in more than 140 brick­-and­-mortar locations, while Nestle will soon have Pepper greeting patrons in over 1,000 Nescafe outlets.

No need to travel to Japan though ­­-- Pepper the Robot will be in the Great White North as part of the the Dx3 conference and trade show on March 2 and 3 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Other Retail Collective participants include:

  • Digital wallet service,​ MasterPass​, by MasterCard that stores your payment cards on any connected device
  • Al­-based Expert Personal Shopper​­­ -- developed by Fluid XPS --­­ which assists shoppers in discovering and refining their product selections based on a simple questionnaire
  • Stefenka​, a 3D body­-scanning technology takes measurements of your body to find shoppers the best fit
  • An interactive digital experience by ​Float4​, that allows brands to tell their stories in an immersive and interactive way
  • Vizera​, a digital projection technology that enables shoppers to visualize real-life products in thousands of colours, fabrics and materials
  • The face and emotion recognition system, Eyeris​, that measures shoppers' age, gender, head positioning and more
  • MobilPoint technology, ​allowing retailers to turn stores into a personalized hub of two­-way communication

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About Dx3 Canada:
Dx3 is Canada's leading technology, digital marketing and retail conference and trade show. Hosted at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on March 2 and 3, it brings agencies, brands, publishers and retailers together for two days of networking and education.

This year, Dx3 will define how Canadian businesses need to get more digital and why it's critical for them to act now. Dx3 will showcase some of the best companies and brands in the world ­ including IDEO, WeWork, Best Buy and Waze --­ to inform, inspire and ready Canadians for the challenges facing them in 2016 and beyond.


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