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September 25, 2015 17:07 ET

Dye Injector Kit for AC&R Systems in Heavy Duty Vehicles

WESTBURY, NY--(Marketwired - September 25, 2015) - Tracerline® TP-9742 BigEZ™ Universal Dye Injection Kit is an efficient way to add fluorescent leak detection dye to AC&R systems in heavy duty vehicles. It's ideal for both cab air conditioning systems and refrigerated trailers, and finds leaks fast in condensers, compressors, hoses, fittings, evaporator sections and seals.

The injection kit is easy to use. Just connect the hose to the low-side service port of the system, turn the handle and add the exact amount of dye necessary into the operating system. The dye circulates with the refrigerant. Wherever the refrigerant escapes, so does the dye, ensuring it remains at all leak sites and glows brilliantly when scanned with a high-intensity Tracerline® leak detection lamp.

The BigEZ 4 oz (118 ml) universal/ester dye cartridge is prefilled and disposable. OEM approved, the co-solvent free Fluoro-Lite® A/C dye is calibrated for exact dosing and meets the SAE J2297 standard. In addition to the dye cartridge, the kit contains an R-134a hose/coupler and a purge fitting.

Headquartered in Westbury, New York, Tracer Products has been at the forefront of leak detection technology for over 60 years. Tracerline® fluorescent dyes are so effective they have been successfully installed in more than 205 million vehicles to date, and are OEM approved by Acura, Audi, BMW, Honda, Ford, GM and Volkswagen, amongst others. In addition to fluorescent dyes, the company offers a full line of rugged, top-quality, award-winning leak detection lamps, diagnostic tools and dye injection systems used in automobiles and heavy duty vehicles. Tracer Products is dedicated to upholding high standards in design manufacturing, ensuring customer satisfaction and in continuing to lead the world in leak detection solutions. For additional information, call toll-free 1-800-641-1133. Outside the U.S. and Canada, call 516-333-1254. Website at

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