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June 09, 2009 08:30 ET

Dynadec Unveils New Technology for Optimizing Business Decisions

Next-Generation Software Enables Dynadec to Rapidly Develop Business Decision Optimization Solutions That Help Companies Operate More Efficiently

PROVIDENCE, RI--(Marketwire - June 9, 2009) - Dynadec today announced a new hybrid optimization software platform that allows it to develop software solutions that enable enterprises to solve even the most complex problems and maximize their dynamic decision-making ability. Dynadec's business decision optimization solutions, built on its proprietary Comet™ platform, are the first on the market to offer the capabilities required to handle the massive amounts of real-time data in today's sophisticated enterprise environments.

Led by renowned optimization expert Pascal Van Hentenryck, a computer science professor at Brown University, with backing by Liberty Capital Partners, Dynadec uses the Comet platform to develop turnkey business decision optimization solutions for vehicle routing, workforce management and resource scheduling. Dynadec's Comet-based solutions enable organizations to harness real-time data to make business decisions that improve resource allocation, enhance customer service, reduce risk, and maximize revenues.

The award-winning Comet platform, which was originally developed at Brown University's Optimization Laboratory, uniquely combines Linear and Integer Programming with Constraint-Based Local Search and Constraint Programming (both of which were invented by Van Hentenryck) -- along with an exclusive approach to stochastic combinatorial optimization and a new, rich language for modeling and searching. Comet dramatically simplifies the design and implementation of business decision optimization solutions, enabling organizations to tackle operational challenges far more efficiently and effectively than previously possible.

Dynadec's solutions enable enterprises in multiple industries to harness the power of hybrid optimization technology to quickly solve operational problems. Dynadec provides solutions for:

Vehicle Routing Optimization, which helps organizations with complex networks improve efficiency with dispatching, scheduling, routing and sequencing vehicles of all types;

Workforce Management Optimization, which helps organizations balance task allocation, employee scheduling, and field deployment;

Resource Scheduling Optimization, which helps enterprises with complex needs in the area of scheduling manufacturing assets, maximizing inventory allocation, and managing distribution networks.

"With the explosion of the availability of real-time data over the past few years, enterprises now have the ability to improve adaptive decision making," said Christian Heidelberger, Chairman of Dynadec. "They require a new set of tools to help them solve the complex problems they once thought couldn't be solved. Our solutions give customers the ability to quickly and easily maximize decision-making power."

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Dynadec develops next-generation business decision optimization solutions that enable enterprises to solve their most challenging and complex operational problems. Dynadec's hybrid optimization solutions for workforce management, vehicle routing, and resource scheduling are based on the company's proprietary Comet™ platform, which includes patent-pending dynamic stochastic combinatorial optimization algorithms developed by world-renowned optimization expert Pascal Van Hentenryck, Dynadec's founder. Comet™-enabled solutions are used by both large enterprises and mid-market companies in a variety of industries including transportation, CPG, healthcare and energy. For more information, visit

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