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December 12, 2007 13:37 ET

Dynamic Balance Golf Technology Used in Body Balance Fitness Program

Atlanta's Body Balance for Performance Center Uses Unique Golf Technology to Improve Golf Fitness and Performance

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - December 12, 2007) - Atlanta's Body Balance for Performance center ( uses unique golf technology to improve golf fitness and performance.

Golfers hoping to improve their balance and flexibility for a better golf swing, or simply to get into better shape for the course, now have technology on their side. Body Balance for Performance of Atlanta, a fitness center specializing in golf fitness, utilizes the latest golf technologies to treat injuries and train golfers to have a better understanding of how their body moves throughout their golf swing. One such golf technology is the Dynamic Balance System.

The Dynamic Balance System uses motion capture and computer analysis to monitor a golfer's center of gravity throughout each point of the golf swing and then provides immediate visual feedback. The system gives golfers the ability to see, in graphic detail, how they maintain their balance throughout their swing.

Chad Cook, GPS, TPI II Fitness Professional, is the only TPI Level 2 fitness professional in Georgia.

"Correct balance and motion during the golf swing affects every aspect of the game," said Cook, who is the director of the Body Balance for Performance Atlanta Center. "With the DBS (Dynamic Balance System), we can see where the problems are and create a golf fitness program designed to correct an individual's specific bodily issue related to their golf swing flaws."

Players who use the Dynamic Balance System offered at Body Balance for Performance centers can expect the following results:

--  Improved golf swing accuracy
--  More power for longer drives
--  Less golf-related injury and pain
--  Lower golf scores

With its individualized approach and scientific method, this innovation is likely to draw attention from both pro and amateur golfers. According to Cook, the technology is perfectly suited to the goals of getting your body strengthened and balanced with flexibility.

"We want to help golfers feel better and play better," said Cook, who has an affiliation with the Georgia PGA Section. "Golf technology improves golf fitness, and golf fitness is what gives a good golfer a competitive edge and a long, comfortable career."

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About Body Balance for Performance

For over twenty years Body Balance for Performance has assisted with clinical research on proper physical conditioning for improved performance and minimized injuries of the world's leading golfers. Their research led to the development of a golf fitness training and therapeutic treatment program that has aided golfers at every level of the game. With forty centers operating in the U.S. and Canada, Body Balance continues to develop new golf technology and conditioning techniques to promote health and excellence in the game of golf.

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