November 28, 2012 06:00 ET Encourages Wider Use of Social Media to Boost Repeat Business for Small Companies

Although Social Media Has Become a Staple of Modern Culture, Few Small Businesses Have Fully Utilized This Useful Resource; Educating Small Businesses in Online Marketing, Encourages the Use of Social Media to Stay Connected With Regular Clientele

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - Nov 28, 2012) - Social media may seem like an overused tool in today's modern world, but even the increased attention on this Internet resource has not caused a majority of small business owners to fully utilize its advantages. A recent USA Today article reveals, "In New York City, for example, fewer than 20 percent of small businesses are capitalizing on technology," says a Smarter Small Business report released in August by the Center for an Urban Future (CUF). In particular, they found that there is a technology gap among neighborhood-based mom-and-pop firms. Taking note of these figures, -- a digital training service focused on online marketing initiatives for small businesses -- encourages greater use of social media to enhance business relationships. Specifically, the online educator notes that these resources are a great and affordable way to maintain repeat business in the modern consumer world.

According to the USA Today article, many small business owners have replaced rolodexes and Excel spreadsheets with social media to maintain meaningful relationships with their clients. Not only does social media help entrepreneurs reach out to consumers, but it also helps their target audiences stay aware of product and service offerings. notes that this is one aspect not to be overlooked by small businesses, as they face incredible competition from larger companies in today's marketplace. In the article, Jonathan Bowles, director of CUF, shares a similar sentiment and comments, "[It is] more important than ever for small-business owners to bridge the gap because they are facing more competition, and this can differentiate them and have them stay relevant with existing customer." explains that many small business owners may prove apprehensive to venture into social media territory, especially those that have existed for decades. In a recent press statement, comments, "It is essential for small business owners -- new or old -- to take advantage of the limitless possibilities of social media. Not only are these resources easy to learn, but they are often fun." clients often note that learning social media, along with other forms of beneficial online marketing, is well worth the effort and can dramatically increase and sustain valuable customer relationships.

Small business owners can take advantage of social media through multiple avenues, such as those provided by industry-leaders Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. notes that once entrepreneurs master these skills, they can employ their own brand and creativity to managing these social media accounts -- making the process much more personal than other forms of advertising.


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