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January 30, 2007 08:00 ET

DynaTech Engineering, Inc. Uses Visual Numerics® JMSL™ Numerical Library for Visual Data Analysis in Rotating Machinery Vibration Analysis

JMSL Charting Also Reduces Application Development Time, Improves Testing Imagery

HOUSTON, TX -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 30, 2007 -- Visual Numerics®, Inc., celebrating 36 years of producing advanced numerical analysis and visualization software, announced today that DynaTech Engineering, Inc., an industry-leading consulting firm specializing in rotating machinery vibration, is using the JMSL™ Numerical Library for Java™ applications to enhance the visual analysis and testing capabilities of its new analysis software package iSTRDYN.

During the development of iSTRDYN, DynaTech Engineering realized it needed a comprehensive set of Java numerical libraries as well as a charting package to better display diagrams. The company also experienced problems debugging their previous analysis solution. DynaTech Engineering chose Visual Numerics' JMSL Numerical Library for its wide range of solution algorithms and sophisticated multidimensional charting in pure 100% Java, its thorough and intuitive API documentation, and its ease-of-use in writing sub-classes. DynaTech Engineering is now using the JMSL library to simulate what happens when rotating equipment spins, and what changes occur under different loading conditions. As a result, the company has been able to offer their customers reduced analysis time, improved results accuracy, and decreased uncertainty in their calculations.

As Lyn Greenhill, the President of DynaTech notes, "The numerical libraries in JMSL allow iSTRDYN to reliably solve heat transfer, forced response, and natural frequency calculations of large, complicated rotating systems. This frees us to concentrate on providing analysis features, rather than worrying about developing solution algorithms. In addition, JMSL's advanced charting capabilities saved us from writing the graph functionality ourselves, which gave us a head start in the rapid application development required to meet our tight deadlines for releasing iSTRDYN commercially."

Since the JMSL library's charting package also allows for user-written sub classes, DynaTech Engineering extended JMSL's Data class to create Points, Lines, Polygons, and Series classes. In addition, the company extended other Classes associated with the Axes to allow custom functionality such as panning and zooming, as well as dynamic changes to labels, color, visibility, and location of specific Data objects.

"To provide a new level of rotating machinery analysis capability in iSTRDYN, it's important for engineers to be able to select shapes, change the color of shapes, make sets of shapes invisible and change shape locations," continued Greenhill. "Without the ability to change these values on the fly, we would have to create new charts for every result case and repopulate them with data which would slow down the analysis process considerably. JMSL gave us the ability to create a customizable interface that saves untold hours during the modeling and analysis process."

"Most companies have to build or buy and integrate separate charting and library components, however the JMSL library gives DynaTech a complete advanced visualization and analysis package that is quickly and easily embeddable into their Java platform," said Phil Fraher, president and CEO of Visual Numerics. "DynaTech now has an analysis platform on which they can integrate new functionality as necessary to gain the ultimate competitive advantage in their market."

About The JMSL™ Numerical Library for Java Applications

The JMSL Library is the broadest collection of mathematical, statistical, financial, data mining and charting classes available in 100% Java. It is the only solution for Java programmers, which combines integrated charting capabilities with the reliable mathematical and statistical functionality of the industry-leading IMSL™ Numerical Library algorithms. The JMSL Library is platform independent, which makes it easy to embed in existing, standalone or networked applications. Additionally, the solution requires shorter development cycles than custom-created or home-grown systems and can offer companies cost and time savings of up to 95%.

About DynaTech Engineering, Inc.

DynaTech Engineering, Inc. is an industry leading consulting firm specializing in rotating machinery vibration analysis and testing. Established in 1995, clients include a wide range of industrial and aerospace organizations, including NASA and the Air Force. The company is developing the 100% Java iSTRDYN program that will calculate the dynamics, heat transfer, and stress solutions for rotating machinery systems, with commercial release scheduled for early 2007. The program will be available in desktop, network, and Internet versions. For more information, visit

About Visual Numerics, Inc.

Visual Numerics has provided technical software solutions for numerical analysis and visualization for more than three decades. The company's software products help users understand complex data from a variety of sources and build business-critical applications. Visual Numerics offers two product lines: the IMSL Numerical Libraries for powerful mathematical and statistical analysis and the PV-WAVE® visual data analysis development environment. Visual Numerics also offers customized professional services for applications that involve mathematical, statistical, or visual data analysis to meet today's business analytical needs.

Major corporations, academic institutions, and research laboratories worldwide use Visual Numerics' software tools, including such high profile companies as: Bear, Stearns & Company; Barclays Global Investors;; Humana, Sandia National Laboratories; and Boeing Company. This large and diverse customer base is supported through a direct sales force, wholly owned international subsidiaries, and international distributors. For more information about Visual Numerics, please visit

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