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June 28, 2011 04:00 ET

Dyno Plumbing: Caring for Your Plumbing During the Summer

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - June 28, 2011) - Although most households avoid problems such as frozen or burst pipes during the summer, the warmer months can bring a number of different problems. High water usage means there could be potential damage to your home or garden, so it's important to deal with any summer plumbing problems quickly.

In households with children, toilets are continuously being used and flushed during the summer. Drains and toilets can quickly become blocked with debris and overflow into the bathroom. If you have a blocked toilet and want to try and fix it dress in old clothes, pull on a pair of gloves and plug your nose with a clothes peg and attached a mop to a plunger to reach all the way into the toilet bowl. Move the plunger back and forwards quickly in a pumping motion until you hear the water draining. If this doesn't remove the blockage, you use a cleaning wire through your pan or external drains, and pour a chemical cleaner into the bowl. Make sure your eyes and face are protected from any potentially corrosive splash back & follow all on-pack instructions.

Summer is also a good time to check over your bathroom and kitchen in general. Check around the base of the toilet for any leaks or damage, and flush to see how slowly or quickly the water drains. Run the taps in both the bathroom and kitchen sinks to check the water flow; if it is sluggish there could be limescale build-up in the taps or pipes and make sure all taps are easy to turn on and off. Lightly press the walls that surround your sinks, shower and bath; if you find any slightly soft patches you could have a leak. Use a torch to check whether the corners of cupboards and cabinets are swelling, which is another sign of water damage.

Take the time to look to check your water heater for any discolouration or corrosion. If the system is over 15 years old, it could be time to upgrade. Summer is a great time to grab the best deal from manufacturers and suppliers, as many of them offer special discounts during this quiet period.

Check for any standing water in the garden or patio, which could be coming from a damaged pipe or drain. If you have an irrigation system, sprinkler heads can often become stuck or damaged by lawnmowers and general use of the garden. Tree roots can also cause chaos in your drainage system, breaking through otherwise strong pipes in search for water. If your water pressure is unusually low, it could indicate a problem in the plumbing system. Calling in reliable professional help will sort out the problem quickly, reducing further damage and high long-term cost.

Plumbing problems can be a nightmare during the summer, leaving you without drinking water or shower and toilet facilities. Taking the time to inspect your plumbing during the summer could also prevent a number of problems from occurring later on in the year. Try to fix any small problems yourself, but ensure that you call in an emergency plumber if anything becomes very complicated.

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