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Dysonics, Inc.

April 24, 2013 08:30 ET

Dysonics Launches Kickstarter Project to Fund First Wireless Motion Sensor for Over the Ear Headphones

Rondo Motion™ Delivers Unparalleled Audio Experience Never Before Possible

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - April 24, 2013) - Dysonics, Inc., an innovator in audio technology, today announced that it has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund Rondo Motion, the industry's first affordable wireless motion sensor for headphones. With Rondo Motion, Dysonics patented audio technology captures the effects of sounds in the real world and re-creates that experience to provide an outstanding sense of "being there." Listeners can now enjoy life-like audio reproduction on headphones that track head movements.

Fueled by the accelerated growth in the worldwide headphones market, which, according to a recent study by Futuresource Consulting, will reach $6 billion by 2016, Dysonics seeks to transform headphone audio, providing listeners a new immersive experience on mobile devices, PCs and more.

"When you listen to a live performance or your home theater system, you get this big open sound that fills the room with depth and clarity. But, the same performance on your headphones greatly lacks that realistic quality," said University of California, Davis Emeritus Professor Ralph Algazi Ph.D., co-founder at Dysonics. "Headphones take that big open sound and confine it between your ears and often in the middle of the head. Our goal is to bring to headphones the quality and the pleasure of the home theater and the live performance."

Dysonics technology uses software algorithms to introduce quality, depth, and realism to the audio by recreating the sound qualities that would have been present if the listener were listening to the audio in a professional-quality listening room. Rondo Motion works with Rondo Player, the free iOS application that was released in December 2012. The sensor easily attaches to any over the ear headphones and pairs with an iOS enabled device using Bluetooth low energy. Designed for low power consumption, Rondo Motion's lithium battery will last more than 16 full hours and is rechargeable via USB. 

By combining Rondo Motion with a Rondo enabled application, like Rondo Player, the listener gets a full immersive experience. Rondo Player pulls the sound out of the headphones but it uses the motion sensor to keep the sounds fixed in space as the listener moves their head. This hasn't been available to the public until now and the experience is indescribable.

"We're so excited to be the first to bring this product to market," said co-founder and CTO Robert Dalton Jr. "It's something we've wanted to do for some time, but the technology was too bulky, too power hungry, and too expensive for commercial use. What allows us to make this product now is the explosive growth in the motion sensor chip industry, making them smaller, better, and cheaper, as well as the evolution of the Bluetooth technology, which is making wireless communications more efficient." 

Dysonics' patented technology is based on 15 years of audio research by a team led by University of California, Davis Emeritus Professor Ralph Algazi Ph.D., scientist Richard O. Duda Ph.D. and Chief Technology Officer, Robert Dalton Jr. The technology was initially developed at the University of California, Davis technology incubator known as the Engineering Translational Technology Center (ETTC). Dysonics holds three U.S. patents with multiple claims in the area of audio engineering. 

Dysonics seeks to raise $60,000 on Kickstarter to help finalize product development and manufacturing of its motion sensor. Currently, Rondo Motion works with Rondo Player for iOS, and Dysonics plans to release Android and OS X versions of the player in the second half of 2013. Future plans include broadening into other markets, such as gaming.

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Founded in 2011 and based in San Francisco, Dysonics is an innovator in audio technology that is redefining immersive audio sound. Dysonics redefines the way people listen to sound on headphones by capturing, recording and reproducing spatial sounds otherwise not available, finally bringing a feeling of "being there" to music no matter where you might be. The company originated from the University of California, Davis technology incubator known as the Engineering Translational Technology Center (ETTC) and was founded by leading university scientists and engineers. The company's products include a mobile application, Rondo™, designed to bring audio to life and provide smartphone listeners a new way to experience sound, and Rondo Motion™, the first wireless motion sensor for headphones seeking to be funded on Kickstarter. For more information about Dysonics, visit us at

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