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December 19, 2012 11:30 ET

Dysonics Unveils Breakthrough Audio Technology to Revolutionize Audio Quality on Headphones

Immersive Audio Now Available With Rondo™ App for iOS

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - December 19, 2012) -  Dysonics, Inc., an innovator in audio technology, announced today that it is bringing its revolutionary immersive audio technology to consumers with Rondo, a mobile app that upgrades the audio experience available on headphones, making it comparable to listening to audio on high-quality loudspeakers. The Rondo mobile application allows consumers to experience headphone audio with the depth, subtlety, and variety of listening to music in a concert hall or recording studio. To download the mobile application visit: or the App Store. Rondo will be free for a limited time.

Dysonics' patented technology is based on 15 years of audio research by a team led by University of California, Davis Emeritus Professor Ralph Algazi Ph.D., scientist Richard O. Duda Ph.D. and Chief Technology Officer, Robert Dalton Jr. The technology has been applied to develop Rondo at the University of California, Davis technology incubator known as the Engineering Translational Technology Center (ETTC). Dysonics holds three U.S. patents with multiple claims in the area of audio engineering.

Nearly all audio today is designed to be listened to on loudspeakers, typically stereo speakers. By placing the speakers a certain distance apart, the listening experience recreates the sense of space and depth similar to the experience of listening live. Headphones deliver two channels of sound but go direct into the listener's head, without the acoustics of a room. The audio sounds flat and lacking in character. Dysonics technology uses software algorithms to introduce quality, depth, and realism to the audio by recreating the sound qualities that would have been present if the listener were listening to the audio in a professional-quality listening room. For the first time, listeners can enjoy lifelike audio reproduction on a pair of simple headphones.

"When you listen to music over a good pair of speakers, it sounds great. When you listen over headphones you lose that. The Dysonics technology is designed to make it feel like you are sitting on a sofa in front of an imaginary stage, listening to a live performance, or a professional-quality recording," said co-founder and CTO Robert Dalton Jr. "Suddenly, the music sounds lifelike and realistic. You get the sense of space, the reverb, the depth, you would feel if you were there."

Fans and musicians who have listened to music with Rondo have been stunned by the quality difference, saying they never want to listen to music on headphones without it.

"We are seeing a trend toward more immersive and rich audio experiences," said Ben Bajarin, Director of Consumer Technology at Creative Strategies. "Many of these experiences have been lacking in products like smartphones and tablets. As consumers needs evolve we believe consumers will begin to desire a higher quality and immersive audio experience from all their entertainment devices."

Dysonics' strategy is to make Rondo available first for iOS, and follow that up with other formats. Further developments to upgrade the quality of headphone sound are planned for next year including broadening into markets such as gaming, teleconferencing, or location-based navigation services. Founded in San Francisco in 2011, the company is funded by venture capital from Rawah Partners and private angel investors.

About Dysonics Founded in 2011, Dysonics is an innovator in audio technology based in San Francisco. Dysonics redefines the way people listen to sound on headphones by capturing, recording and reproducing spatial sounds otherwise not available to provide a feeling of "being there." The company originated out of the University of California, Davis technology incubator known as the Engineering Translational Technology Center (ETTC) by leading university scientists and engineers, and has two U.S. patents with multiple claims in the area of audio engineering. Dysonics investors include Rawah Partners LLC and other private Angel investors. The company's first product is a mobile application, Rondo™, designed to bring audio to life and provide smartphone listeners a new way to experience sound. To download Rondo, please visit For more information about Dysonics, visit us at

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