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August 11, 2009 08:30 ET

E-18 Corp. Provides Profile of Protectus Hypodermic Safety Syringe, Listing 16 Key Competitive Advantages

MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwire - August 11, 2009) - E-18 Corp. (OTCBB: ETEN) today provided a profile of its patented Protectus Medical Hypodermic Safety Sryinge, which lists the 16 key competitive advantages of the device.

"We are pleased to present a profile of our flagship product, the Protectus Medical Hypodermic Safety Syringe, and to discuss the major competitive advantages versus other products currently in the marketplace," said Dr. John Salstrom, President and CEO of Protectus Medical Devices. "The Protectus Safety Syringe was designed and engineered to prevent needlestick injuries, and was created with the thoughtful input and consultation from doctors, nurses, and healthcare practitioners. We believe that the Protectus Hypodermic Safety Syringe will prevent needlestick injuries, will save lives, and, importantly, will make a significant contribution to reducing healthcare costs related to needlestick injuries in the United States."

"The Protectus Medical Hypodermic Safety Syringe is a revolutionary technology that represents a quantum leap in safety syringe technology," continued Dr. Salstrom. "The Protectus Safety Syringe offers a clear value proposition because it is fully compliant with the OSHA mandate and federal regulations, is significantly more effective than other devices in preventing needlestick injuries, and will be priced at or below the competition. The Competitive Advantages of the device include:

1)  The device is a fully automatic, self-sheathing syringe requiring no
    intentional activation of the safety features by the user at any stage
    during use.
2)  Can be used in all applications, intramuscular, intravenous, or
3)  Has a permanent lock easily activated after injection, making it a
    self-contained sharps container.
4)  The needle can be changed or replaced safely without exposing an
    unprotected needle.
5)  The syringe will accept any standard gauge needle from any manufacture.
6)  Functions as a standard hypodermic syringe with its added safety
7)  Can be safely transported without recapping the needle.
8)  Multiple intermittent injections can be given without recapping the
9)  Recapping following injection is never necessary under any
10) The safety sheath maintains a barrier between the hands and the needle
    when not in use.
11) The safety feature of the Protectus Safety Syringe will automatically
    engage and instantly shield the exposed needle should control of the
    device be lost.
12) The device is user-friendly and, in fact, was the device of choice by
    doctors, nurses, and practitioners in the FDA required Full Comparison
    Clinical Trials.
13) The Protectus Safety Syringe is the only syringe to meet all elements
    of the OSHA Mandates and the Federal Laws.
14) The Protectus Safety Syringe will prevent needlestick injuries and, in
    fact, had a 0% failure rate in Full Comparison Clinical Trials.
15) Use of the Protectus device provides immediate healthcare cost savings
    to the healthcare institutions.
16) The Protectus Safety Syringe is cost-effective, priced at or below
    competitive products that do not meet the OSHA Mandate or Federal

More information about Protectus Medical Devices may be found at the Company's corporate website at

About E-18 Corp.

E-18 Corp., through its wholly owned subsidiary, SquareOne Medical, Inc., doing business as Protectus Medical Devices, develops and markets innovative safety medical percutaneous devices that, collectively, have the potential to dramatically reduce needlestick injuries for medical professionals worldwide. In the nearly $5 billion global hypodermic syringe market, the Protectus Safety Syringe, the Company's lead product, is the only fully automatic, self-sheathing hypodermic safety syringe that currently meets the functional definition of "Self-Sheathing" mandated by the U.S. Federal Government. None of the manufacturers of other devices on the market can make this claim. Protectus Medical Devices has successfully patented its automatic, self-sheathing hypodermic safety syringe product, and, based on the results of full comparison clinical trials, the Protectus Safety Syringe (formerly the SquareOne Safety Syringe) has received the required 510(k) permission from the U.S. FDA to manufacture and market the device in the U.S. More information about the Company may be found at

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