October 29, 2012 18:39 ET

E-Cigarette Blogger Reveals Secret to Save 40% on V2Cigs Products

SUNRISE, FL--(Marketwire - Oct 29, 2012) - Dale Hanson has successfully quit smoking cigarettes. He credits the highly debated electronic cigarette for that amazing feat. In a recent update on his website, Dale shows consumers how to save 40% on the number one electronic cigarette brand according to, V2Cigs.

Hanson has maintained a blog about his experiences with electronic cigarettes for quite some time. He is most famous for a special report he wrote about his entire experience quitting his habit of smoking cigarettes. While the lengthy report details his many peaks and valleys of how he quit smoking for good, it's also a great read about the history of electronic cigarettes and how numerous brands evolved over time.

Presently, Hanson smokes a brand called Bull Smoke. However, he sings high praises for V2Cigs brand and was quoted "this company has more options and accessories than any other electronic cigarette brands for sale today." 

Never shy to help out consumers, Hanson's blog is full of coupon codes for many of the electronic cigarette brands he has sampled. "I reach out and ask these companies to pass on some savings to my readers in exchange for the press they give me," noted Hanson.

Hanson was recently tipped off by a contact at V2Cigs that a "storewide sale" was due to happen on October 30 and last two full days. The storewide sale offers a whopping 20% off all products listed on the V2Cigs website. While that is a nice savings on its own, Dale provides a coupon code on his website which can be accessed here. When that link is clicked, a special code is revealed that can be used in conjunction with the storewide sale, offering what Hanson says "is the largest savings ever offered on products at There has never been a time like today to buy V2Cigs products or to load up on anything needed for the Holiday season if you are already a customer of their fine brand."

Hanson added, "I am encouraging people to bookmark my website,, as I have huge news about Holiday and New Years promotions that will not be available anywhere else." 

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