e-djuster Inc.

e-djuster Inc.

December 16, 2014 09:00 ET

e-djuster Launches New Division to Manage Complex Content Claims

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE--(Marketwired - Dec. 16, 2014) - e-djuster today announced the formalization of a Complex Claims Service Division, (CCSD) to manage the property industry's most challenging and extreme contents loss and damage claims.

Property content claims have long been considered one of the most problematic and sensitive areas of claims in the industry. Extenuating circumstances such as fatalities, family-related disputes, hoarding, total-losses due to explosions or extreme weather events, as well as incapacitated individuals intensifies the scope and can contribute to frequent and substantial delays.

Our Complex Claims Services Division (CCSD) focuses on careful management of the property inventory loss, a process which leads to the delivery of faster, more accurate and reliable claim adjustments, measurable reductions in claim costs and substantial improvements in turn-around times.

"We recently utilized e-djuster to evaluate a 3800 line item inventory in a total loss fire in New Jersey," said William Lamb, Manager, Property Claims, The Norfolk & Dedham Group. "e-djuster was able to filter out duplicate entries and provided realistic and accurate replacement costs with retail sources. Thanks to the superb final product provided by e-djuster, we were able to resolve the claim with the Public Adjuster at a replacement cost and an agreed Actual Cash Value that came in well under original estimates. Our Large Loss staff adjuster reported that Contents Specialist David Robinson was excellent to work with. He was readily available by email and phone with very quick response time. I heartily recommend e-djuster!"

e-djuster uses a performance-based approach to consistently provide adjusters with a reliable and effective solution that they can depend on. We simplify processing the most demanding claims, resulting in fast, fair, dispute-free claims settlements. e-djuster's approach to these types of major, complex loss and damage claims also provides a very high-quality level of service to policyholders at the time of need, which in turn contributes positively to enhancing the insurer image and reputation. Given the extent of our experience and successful track record in this challenging area of claims, this specialized service is considered one of the most valuable in the industry today.

Visit our site to learn more about our Complex Claims and how we have helped our customers successfully settle their complex claims.


e-djuster is North America's leading contents valuation Company, offering insurers and their policyholders the assurance of fast, fair, dispute-free settlements. e-djuster offers a suite of customizable services, providing end-to-end solutions for all types and sizes of contents claims, from outsourcing support services to licensing of its e-xclaim content valuation platform. Our non-partisan service approach enhances the image and reputation of our insurer clients and ensures that policyholders remain satisfied and loyal.

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