E-Hanger In-Home Media

E-Hanger In-Home Media

July 20, 2009 15:57 ET

E-Hanger Declares Its Stellar Distribution Partnership with Dalex Canada

Canada's first 100% recyclable clothing hanger company will partner with Dalex Canada Inc. for the exclusive distribution of its-hangers throughout Ontario

CONCORD, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - July 20, 2009) - The E-Hanger In-home media is proud to announce the finalization of its strategic and powerful partnership with Dalex Canada Inc., Canada's leading supplier of cleaning products to dry cleaners across the country.

"We are thrilled to work with Dalex Canada in this exclusive distribution agreement which has given us the muscle to deliver 1 million printed hangers with advertising messages every month directly into consumers' homes via dry cleaning outlets throughout Ontario," says Nicole Atanasoaie, Vice President of E-Hanger.

E-Hanger is the first company to introduce an environmentally friendly clothing hanger to Canada. The hangers are manufacture from 100% recyclable sturdy board and are printed with 100% vegetable ink.

The company delivers targeted physical advertising messages directly into consumers' homes which guarantee 100% view rate and 100% in-home reach via its eco-friendly clothing hangers. Ad space on each hanger is allotted to only one company, giving that advertiser the ability to command 100% of their target market's attention.

With the production of each hanger less than the cost of a stamp and the mass distribution capabilities of Dalex Canada at an unprecedented level, marketers are presented with a unique and highly lucrative advertising opportunity which offers great marketing solutions such as coupons, product sampling, product promotions and branding.

Nicole explains, "Dalex mass distribution brings enormous potential to advertisers because of the client base they will be reaching via dry cleaning outlets. The dry cleaning industry attracts business people, those who are highly educated, and consumers with serious buying power."

Dalex Canada Inc. is thrilled to supply its dry cleaning clients with a 100% eco friendly clothing hanger which will replace the infinite number of wire hangers crowding Canada's landfills.

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