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January 26, 2016 15:42 ET

E-Piracy: What You Can Do To Stop It

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - January 26, 2016) - The music industry. The film industry. The video game industry. And now the world of publishing. All are known victims of ePiracy and its complicated, hard-to-tackle causes and consequences. Some online consumers see instant access and high pricing as a pretext for illegal downloading but the sad fact is, going on a torrent site and downloading a copy of The Catcher in the Rye for free is no different to cruising into your local Barnes and Noble and pocketing a hardcover copy. Our anti-ePiracy plan for you is to help you understand why, when and where illegal downloading of your books happens while developing a strategy to end or reduce it in a way that is beneficial not just for you the publisher, but for you the consumer as well.

E-Piracy: What You Can Do To Stop It

P rice Your Books Fairly, Package Them Well: Why should I pay for an eBook that is just as expensive as a print book? If I can download it for free, why should I pay for it at all? Is this really worth $9.99? These are valid questions and publishers get them all the time. Video game developer Gabe Newell puts it best: "The easiest way to stop piracy is not by putting antipiracy technology to work. It's by giving those people a service that's better than what they're receiving from the pirates." RosettaBrand couldn't agree more. We're in the business of helping you help your customers and we believe that a sound anti-ePiracy strategy starts with the customer. Pricing an eBook is a whole debate in and of itself, but we're at the forefront of it and we know our $1.99 books for our $9.99 books. The key to tackling ePiracy minus the legalities and formal complaints is by developing, pricing and packaging a product worth your customers' money. Give them a reason to spend the money downloading your latest book. Give them discounts, one time offers, book samples, a crisp and clean eReader app that makes it all run so smoothly. And most importantly, convince them that $1.99 or $5.99 or $9.99 is worth the money. 

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act: On October 28, 1998 President Bill Clinton signed into law The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). But with time and greater access to and by extension dependency on all types of online content from books to movies the legal route to tackling ePiracy has since become a well-traveled one. Steve Jobs famously claimed that, "It is piracy, not overt online music stores, which is our main competitor." And Cambridge University Press today has a reactive legal approach to ePiracy that involves its UK-based Legal Services Department as well as a Copyright Infringement Portal designed to rid the digital world of ePirates. Yes, we know. Using the DMCA as a more elaborate "Notice and Takedown" approach to torrent sites and illegal uploaders is a short term, temporary solution. Your eBook goes up, you have it taken down, it goes up again a day later. But coupled with a good customer engagement plan it is essential to ensuring that your illegally pirated eBooks aren't lingering online. RosettaBrand's advice to you: read the DMCA, learn it, use it against the ePirates stealing from you.

Make a Database to Stop Repeated Offenders: RosettaBrand strives in all things to remain one step ahead of the competition at all times and ePirates are no exception to that rule. Creating a database in order to keep track of the online sources uploading your content illegally, when they're doing it, where they're doing it and then using that database to disrupt their operations is an understated trick to upsetting ePirates consistently. It's not easy, because multiple users upload eBooks illegally on multiple torrent sites, but keeping tabs on illegal downloading has to happen if you want to have full control of your ePublishing operation. A good example of a company currently monitoring illegal downloading activity using a database is Cambridge University Press, which combines the UK Publishers Association's Copyright Infringement Portal with constant tracking and measuring of ePiracy and its impact via a well-defined database.

Coming up with creative solutions to complicated problems is what RosettaBrand does. We see it as essential to thriving as branded content publishers and as thought leaders. The shadowy depths of ePiracy are frustratingly intertwined, tangled, confused and complicated. But our saving grace is that we know ourselves as pioneers. Most publishers are either too disconnected from their customers or too focused on legal approaches to fix the ePiracy problems that need fixing. RosettaBrand achieves that perfect, productive balance that combines solutions, searches for new ones, adjusts and refines them to keep you one step ahead of your most difficult competitors: ePirates. 

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