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August 27, 2014 14:25 ET

E-Waste Systems, Inc. Overview of Business Units

Focused Units to Guide Company's Strategy and Restructured Plan for China

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - Aug 27, 2014) -  E-Waste Systems, Inc. (OTCQB: EWSI) ('EWSI,' 'the Company,' or eWaste Systems), an electronic waste management, environmentally focused services and technology company, provides an outlook on the Company's business units eWaste, eVolve and eIncubator to support business growth.

The eWaste business unit is an operational leader in e-waste disposal, adhering to the strictest safety, compliance, and ethics standards. E-Waste Systems is committed to developing and deploying a portfolio of proprietary engineered solutions and technologies that extract maximum value from end-of-life assets while minimizing the impact to the environment. Utilizing relationships with leading downstream refiners from around the world, EWSI's affiliates are able to offer an expanded range of services to their customer base. In addition, technical experts within the EWSI network support affiliates with process optimizations, and installations of proprietary, margin enhancing, and environmentally friendly technologies directly into your facility.

"eWaste was created to manage and grow our end-of-life businesses, with immediate focus on our US and international operations, ensuring that all processes are properly set up, fully compliant, and maintained with the highest quality standards," said Mr. Martin Nielson, Founder & CEO of E-Waste Systems.

The eVolve unit develops and maintains synergistic relationships between industry partners and affiliates producing accelerated growth through the integration of best practices, international accounting standards, and globally focused policies and procedures. The expertise, experience, and relationships of the EWSI senior management team, particularly in the application of scale cost reductions, business development, and technology implementation, is a key differentiator.

"We conglomerate the best, most diverse talents and technologies in business and environmental management for a cleaner, safer tomorrow. We are creating something much bigger than ourselves, and as the world wakes up to the growing problems associated with the environment, EWSI and its partners will be right there, picking up these waste streams, turning them into new materials, paying fair wages, and leaving behind clean, usable products and materials," said Mr. Nielson.

The focus of the eIncubator program is to add credibility to compelling teams by collaboration of ideas, technologies, and process improvements. eIncubator targets new opportunities that add significant value and provide possibilities to attractive spinoffs. The program includes also the adoption of international accounting standards and the possibility of a later acquisition procedure.

"eIncubator is where new technologies and processes are born through thoughtful analytical developments and the merging and evolution of preexisting innovations. Teaming with E-Waste Systems means sharing knowledge and integrating complementary services and technologies that lead to attractive spinoffs, industry-leading efficiency standards, and greater bottom-line opportunities," said Mr. Nielson. "EWSI is willing to invest in promising ventures through stock based investments. Our dedicated eIncubator Investment Committee consists only of highly experienced investment professionals, observing potential ventures under close scrutiny," added Mr. Nielson.

For the operations in the Chinese Region a new subsidiary company called EWS-China Ltd has been established to bring forward the previous contract and close new partnerships. An Executive Committee -- together with executive specialists leading the efforts for each affiliate -- will provide governance for the operations with the commitment to be compliant from day one. Regular reporting, US GAAP accounting, proper financial controls, and full managerial responsibility provide the guidelines for the agreements to follow. All contracts -- either already existing or those that will be entered into in the future -- will be based on the review of financials by auditors in order to achieve the consolidation of balance's results.

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