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May 05, 2010 08:00 ET

eDoorways - CorkSport, Sign First PowerKey Channel Deal

The International Automotive Aftermarket Specialty Company Shifts Gears Onto eDoorways' Platform Pushing Revenue Potential to Greater Speeds

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - May 5, 2010) -  eDoorways Corporation (PINKSHEETS: EDWY) has announced that CorkSport, has agreed to become the first of the early adopters of the company's new PowerKey Channel service offering.

According to the engagement and services agreement, CorkSport has become a corporate customer of eDoorways (, using the PowerKey Channel functionality as a new outreach mechanism for their [CorkSport] global customer base -- currently at approximately 22,000 subscribers and growing rapidly. According to recent news, this deal is perfect for the increased traffic and initial revenue eDoorways desires. 

Gary Kimmons, Chairman and CEO of eDoorways Corporation, said, "CorkSport is a great way for us to prove the value of the PowerKeys and our PowerKey Channel model. First off, the revenue potential of this deal is very impressive. Not to mention, we instantaneously have roughly 22,000 new users on the platform; all interacting in a space built just for them. These users get the ability to network in an entirely new way about specific common interest. This is the power of the PowerKey Channel model."

CorkSport was founded in 1998 in Portland, Oregon by Derrick Ambrose and Richard Harris. Aiming to serve the Mazda brand, the company has dedicated itself to offering high level performance products and support for Mazda vehicles. Today, CorkSport is among the oldest of the aftermarket parts manufacturers in the United States exclusively serving the Mazda market.

As the principals of the privately held company determined that the direct customer base could be increased exponentially through a more aggressive internet plan, CorkSport launched "CorkSport 2.0" in 2009. With the use of blogs, robust technical online content and some social media efforts, CorkSport broadened its reach significantly across the globe. CorkSport clients reside in the US, Canada, Japan, England, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Puerto Rico, Australia, and the Virgin Islands amongst other places.

In pursuit of greater ambition, CorkSport looked to enhance the overall usefulness of its services. By offering a social media medium that would be unique to the PowerKey Channel serving the Mazda enthusiast's particular interest (automotive performance, upcoming events, etc.), yet, affording clients the flexibility to interact with others outside of the private space, it is surmised that the PowerKey Channel will potentially put CorkSport way ahead of its competitors. 

Derrick Ambrose, Co-Founder of CorkSport, stated, "With the upcoming launch of the CorkSport PowerKey Channel, not only will we be able to communicate in real time with our clients in the United States, but our international clients will also have real time access to our company and to each other. We are looking forward to sharing the new developments with our clients and witnessing the great things our customers are doing with our products all over the world using the eDoorways platform."

"CorkSport not only brings us revenue and traffic, but also serves as a great way for us to start implementing our new viral marketing campaign which is less expensive and more nimble than our original marketing plan," said Ann Collins, Social Media Consultant and Solve Project Manager. "CorkSport is bringing a large user base of people who have a common interest and a desire to connect with each other, helping to create an environment where traffic will start to virally increase as these users spread the word to other like-minded people. This is known in social networking as creating a viral expansion loop or viral loop.

"We are already seeing interest shown by other automotive related entities who want to jump on the bandwagon. This is just the start."

The implication of this first corporate deal certainly looms large for eDoorways on several fronts -- financially, increased traffic, visibility, marketing, etc. Revenues derived from just these 22,000 unique users can potentially deliver a very healthy monthly income stream to the company. To this, eDoorways believes there may be no limit to its channel activity. With various "hobbyist" sites covering a large range of topics, as with CorkSport, eDoorways can become home to a number of corporate clients seeking PowerKey Channels for their users. The opportunity is immeasurable.

To date, eDoorways is in talks with several possible corporate channel prospects. A high closure rate is anticipated.

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