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December 15, 2009 09:54 ET

eDoorways' Executives Reaffirm Company's Excellent Status

CEO Ensures Company Is On Target for Timely Release of "SOLVE" Beta v1.0 While Director of Operations Takes Immediate Action to Resolve Caveat Emptor Quickly

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - December 15, 2009) - eDoorways Corporation (PINKSHEETS: EDWY) Chairman and CEO Gary F. Kimmons announced today that the company is on track for this December's release of "SOLVE" beta version 1.0 and intends to have the Caveat Emptor matter rectified by week's end.

"A mid to late December release of 'SOLVE' Beta v1.0 is what we assured our shareholders, and this is exactly what we're going to deliver... a mid to late December release," says Kimmons. "We will not let our shareholders down."

"We're currently in the final stages of testing. As with any software, this is an ongoing endeavor that can continue until the product is market ready. Fortunately, we have been conducting various levels of focus group and battle tests for some time now; and being this is beta release v1.0, we will certainly have room for improvement -- so we have the ability to release v1.0 when we so choose. However, eDoorways is comprised of a group of consummate professionals who will not stand to put forth anything less than a top quality product."

Kimmons continued, "Further, as it pertains to a release date, given the history of our company's stock, extreme volatility seems to erupt upon the anticipation of a major event. While this is a natural occurrence within the market place, as a penny stock, these moves can be interpreted as something else. We enjoy the fact that money can be made for those who play the stock game, but we believe that we must act responsibly for our long term shareholders. With over 4,000 shareholders and growing, we have an obligation to protect long term value. This is why, you can be rest assured that without fail, we will release 'SOLVE' this month!"

With a release schedule that includes six variations of the first doorway, sources close to the company exude extreme confidence that eDoorways will deliver "SOLVE" beta v1.0 this holiday season.

Additional beta versions of the first doorway include 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 thru 2.7 and 3.0 which are all slated for a 2010 release -- January, late February, March thru May and October, respectively. These versions will cover everything from basic functionality to smart phone apps -- mobile connectivity to a complete transfer to the Drupal environment.

As it pertains to the Caveat Emptor, the company addressed this matter early last week noting, a Caveat Emptor can occur for many reasons, some overly simple and some not so good. Luckily, in the case of eDoorways, we can rule out anything sinister or below grade as the company has certainly been recognized for its extreme transparency and open interactions with shareholders.

"Apparently, there is an information gap between what the company currently filed with the Government vs. that filed independently with OTC/Pink Sheets and its website," stated Lance Kimmons, the company's Director of Operations. "This is simply an oversight on our behalf as we've been focusing much of our attention as it relates to data and information, on satisfying the SEC reporting requirements -- which we filed the 10k in October and currently pushing through the remaining Q's."

"For us, the Caveat Emptor is easily rectifiable. I, along with our special counsel and accounting specialist have taken all of the steps necessary to address this matter. We've reapplied to the Pink Sheet website via the OTC Disclosure and News Service. We've executed the OTC I.Q. Agreement for, paid the $500 application fee along with the $3,000 annual fee. We have updated all of the required information, provided the Initial Company Information and Disclosure Statement, and are now simply waiting for approval so that counsel may render their opinion. We expect the opinion letter to be rendered between today and tomorrow. Once this is done, the Caveat Emptor should be removed within three business days."

Lance Kimmons concluded, "While we do not anticipate remaining on the pink sheets throughout 2010, we are taking the necessary steps to ensure we avoid any such future instances on this or any other exchange by engaging the ongoing services of an information secretary to maintain such exchange information requirements."

Sources close to eDoorways continue to be very supportive of the company indicating extreme confidence in the overall growth of the company and in that the beta release will come to market this holiday season -- once again proving the tenacity and dedication of eDoorways.

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