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November 18, 2009 12:32 ET

eHydrogen Solutions, Inc.'s Hydrogen Fuel Technology and Performance Benefits Confirmed by Findings of Beijing University Study

RENO, NV--(Marketwire - November 18, 2009) - eHydrogen Solutions, Inc. (eHS) (PINKSHEETS: BIGD) is pleased to report that according to a study by researchers from the Beijing University of Technology, increasing levels of hydrogen enrichment of a gasoline fuel charge in a spark-ignited (SI) engine can increase engine-indicated thermal efficiency and emissions at idle and extend the lean-burn limit. A paper on their work was published online 18 August, 2009 in the ACS journal Energy & Fuels, "Using Hydrogen Injection to Improve Idle Combustion and Emissions Performance at Lean Conditions of Gasoline Engines."

Spark-ignited engines suffer high specific fuel consumption, emissions, and cyclic variation at idle and lean conditions. The test results showed that, with the increase of hydrogen enrichment level, engine-indicated thermal efficiency was improved, and the lean burn limit was extended. The peak in-cylinder temperature and in-cylinder temperature at exhaust valve opening decrease with the increase of excess air ratio and hydrogen blending level.

Specifically, the researchers found that:

    1. Under the same excess air ratio, indicated thermal efficiency of
       the test engine improves with the increase of hydrogen fraction.
    2. At idle condition, due to the high flame speed, small ignition
       energy of hydrogen, and the increased OH radical after hydrogen
       enrichment, the flame development and propagation durations are
       shortened by the addition of hydrogen.
    3. The engine lean burn limit is also extended after hydrogen
    4. NOx emissions at idle condition are reduced by increasing hydrogen
       blending fraction.
    5. At the lean burn limit, the engine-indicated thermal efficiency is
       improved, whereas CO2, CO, and NOx emissions are reduced with the
       increase of hydrogen enrichment level.

This prominent and important study further underscores and confirms the technology and benefits of the Company's products. The Company's products are time-proven and available through one of our authorized distributors. Please visit the company's web site to learn more about becoming a distributor.

About eHydrogen Solutions

Engineered Hydrogen Solutions (eHs) specializes in the development of on-demand hydrogen-generating technology designed to increase the efficiency of virtually any combustion process. The technology is based on a proprietary Hydrogen Injection system, in which hydrogen and oxygen are generated on-demand via electrolysis and then introduced into the combustion process. The 'fuel' for the technology is distilled water. Two key benefits of the eHS technology are significantly reduced fuel consumption and emissions.

eHs' proprietary hydrogen energy technology is available today to qualified partners in a wide variety of vertical and/or geographic markets worldwide, through joint development/ adaptation, distribution and production agreements.


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