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December 02, 2009 15:06 ET

eMax Worldwide, Inc. Releases Letter to Its Shareholders

CHIPLEY, FL--(Marketwire - December 2, 2009) - EMAX Holdings Corp. (PINKSHEETS: EMXC), recently renamed eMax Worldwide, Inc., ("eMax") updates their shareholders on recent events. "We are very excited about the future of eMax this next year due to all the growth activities we have been very involved with completing this year," stated Roxanna Weber, President of eMax Worldwide, Inc.

Recently, eMax Worldwide, Inc. has not been making many public statements of their activities due to the fact that they are currently working with NASDAQ and the SEC to put their company in full compliance, fully transparent and hopefully in the very near future moving off the NASDAQ Pink Sheets and trading on another larger stock exchange board. Last month, eMax filed a large compliance document to NASDAQ and currently they are awaiting the approval for their new stock symbol and trading date for the company's new symbol since the company has been restructured recently. eMax Worldwide is also currently preparing for a very large and swift growth agenda that their Board of Directors has put in place for the company and their corporate holdings.

eMax Worldwide has recently hired a SEC attorney to help them with all their corporate filings to the SEC and currently is in the process of engaging an SEC auditing firm

As eMax continues to update their corporate filings and finish their audits shareholders will be able to find all the materials at their corporate website as they are filed with the respective agencies. This year a lot of regulation requirements has changed by the new President's Administration, and for the better. However, the additional request of information on publicly trading companies has now caused companies a little longer time frame to complete name changes, mergers and acquisitions and or capital restructuring. At the eMax website, you will find links to the important forms and listing requirement files which the corporation has to work within the guidelines; and you can read on your own the new guidelines that eMax and you as a shareholder in the OTCBB companies has to work within currently at

We at eMax must have the final approval of NASDAQ and the ticker symbol effective date so we can finish issuing the last of four dividends that our company currently owes to our shareholders.

Also at this time, eMax is working on the following matters:

1.  eMax is scheduling a shareholder meeting for the last weekend
    in February next year in Panama City Beach Florida.
2.  eMax is currently preparing the completion of corporate audits
    for the company..
3.  eMax is preparing a disclosure information statement that is filed
    with FINRA,  which will help us to complete to get into complete
    compliance with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
4.  eMax is preparing to spin out EMAX Media Group and issuing a new stock
    dividend to our shareholders. Shareholders dividends in the previous
    companies, Freedom Entertainment and EntertainMax Worldwide, will
    be allowed to be exchanged into EMAX Media Group at that time and
    those shares will also be registered as freely trading shares.
5.  eMax is currently in the pre-production stages of numerous music
    and Television projects and will be announcing the events in the
    very near future.
6.  eMax has recently invested partly in the Real Estate construction
    company, named Washington Realty Corporation and that company
    specializes in concrete installation and finishing services.
7.  eMax has recently moved its operating headquarters to Washington
    County Florida. The Real Estate opportunities that are available
    in the county are like no other areas eMax has seen for a long
    time and it is attributed to the following reasons: 1) There is a
    new international airport being built and will be opening spring of
    next year. 2) Washington County also has a great Technological
    Vocational School and 3) a slate of county officials that are very
    proactive in the community to help companies like eMax grow and

We are living in very uncertain times like a lot of people have never seen in the past . eMax is still very committed to invest in and increase business in the areas that are needed desperately today such as clean family media, entertainment and communications, innovative and economical new technologies, and affordable housing and other real estate development needs.

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eMax Holdings Corporation, Inc., recently renamed eMax Worldwide, is a diversified holding company investing in networks, multimedia, entertainment, communication, broadcasting, technologies, real estate, energy and finance industries.

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