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September 30, 2005 10:00 ET

eWorldMedia Holdings, Inc. Announces Purchase of "StickyBar" Toolbar From SofCast, Inc. and Acquisition of Permanent Marketing Rights to All SofCast Technologies

NEWPORT BEACH, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 30, 2005 -- eWorldMedia Holdings, Inc. (OTC BB: EWME), announced that they have purchased the revolutionary "StickyBar" Toolbar from SofCast, Inc. for stock plus additional considerations. eWorldMedia now owns outright the StickyBar technology, plus all source codes, all current and future patents and patents pending, and exclusive licensing rights to the "StickyBar" product and technology. In addition, SofCast has also transferred 5 custom toolbars ready for deployment including the Hotel Collection, radio, talking, Real Estate and TV toolbars. The Toolbar will be renamed "eWorldToolbar" and will be marketed worldwide through Corporate Marketing Solutions (CMS), a wholly owned subsidiary of eWorldMedia, Inc. under the name "eWorldToolbar." Mike Kolsy, the developer of the "StickyBar" and SofCast technologies and founder of SofCast, Inc., has been named President of the CMS subsidiary.

Under the terms of the agreement, eWorldMedia, Inc. has also received license to use SofCast technology to develop new products including e-learning, web casting and content management, and will also have exclusive rights to market all products it develops to multi-level network marketing companies. In addition, eWorldMedia has also received a permanent non-exclusive license to market all other current and future technologies developed by SofCast, including the rights to market these technologies through a Direct Marketing Distribution Model.

Like Hotbar and other popular toolbars, eWorldToolbar will be offered as a free download to millions of potential users through a wide range of Internet advertising campaigns, promotions and "giveaways." Once downloaded, eWorldToolbar remains on top of the user's Internet Explorer window regardless of which web page they are viewing, its "always on" capability keeping at the user's fingertips a complete array of both functional items (Internet search & surf, delete files & cookies, clear history, bookmarks, etc.) and personalized options (stock market tickers, news feeds, current traffic reports, updated sports scores, daily horoscopes etc. -- virtually anything the user would want to "pull" from today's Internet). And it does this without any use of embedded spy ware.

What makes eWorldToolbar unique, however, is its underlying patented technology, which gives it two major advantages over the competition. The first is its ability to handle and display rich media content, which means that virtually anything that can be viewed in a browser window can now also be displayed on the eWorldToolbar, including flash, scrolling text, streaming video and audio, etc. The second and perhaps larger advantage is that all eWorldToolbar functions, images and displays can now be changed "on the fly" with simple point-and-click operation -- no programming skills are required. Furthermore, control of the content of each of eWorldToolbar's 5-7 individual content sections can either be retained by eWorldMedia or turned over to an individual user or a licensee, thereby allowing Internet advertisers to increase their revenues, reduce their costs and run smarter campaigns.


In response to these announcements, Ronald C. Touchard, Chairman and CEO of eWorldMedia, Inc., stated, "This announcement marks a major step into the development of eWorldMedia, Inc., and further solidifies our future as a long-term major player as a worldwide marketer of Internet technology products. The outright ownership of the 'StickyBar' technology itself, along with the acquisition of the additional development and marketing rights to SofCast technologies, truly allows us to plan, organize and control the worldwide roll out of this revolutionary new product. We intend to aggressively pursue both individual downloads of eWorldToolbar as well as sub-licenses to major profit and non-profit organizations, and we believe that our revenue-sharing model and philosophy will help us spread the use of this new technology very quickly. We plan to announce the official launch of the eWorldToolbar within the next 30-60 days, and we anticipate that the addition of this new product to our existing line of technology products will contribute significantly to our near-term bottom line profits."

Mike Kolsy, President of the CMS subsidiary, added, "The potential impact of the eWorldToolbar product is virtually unlimited. If Hotbar can build a toolbar community of 10 million+ users in 4 years with a standard toolbar, control functions that are 100% retained by the company, no revenue-sharing, and many businesses and IT Directors forbidding its use because it contains embedded spy ware, we believe there is no limit to how large a community we can build, nor how quickly. And this is just the beginning -- we intend to announce continuous enhancements to the eWorldToolbar as well as additional new products based on the SofCast technology in the very near future."

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SofCast, Inc. is a software company that has developed a proprietary technology platform, which delivers content over the Internet and mobile devices for web publishers, corporations and consumers. Founded in August 1999, SofCast, Inc. has developed a series of software products that benefit online content delivery in the following vertical markets: Online Advertising, e-Learning & Internet Access Market. For more information visit

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