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November 25, 2010 07:53 ET

EA Worldwide Confounds the Economy

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Nov. 25, 2010) - It is a fact not lost on EA Worldwide's Josh Cote that while most areas of the economy flounder, the Outsource Sales industry goes from strength to strength.

"Actually, the economic downturn has been great for us. When companies have struggled, we have been able to grow because in these hard times companies are often forced to downsize their expensive sales and marketing departments. This has opened doors to businesses that previously may not have considered using our services."

The move towards more flexible working practices to adapt to the harsh realities of the current economic climate has forced companies and individuals to view outsourcing in a completely different light. Potential candidates who in the past would have considered the entry level as too unglamorous, have now re-evaluated and their new open-mindedness has meant companies like EA Worldwide have been able to increase the calibre of their team. As Josh Cote points out:

"Once those people got into our business and saw the success that they could have for themselves, they got excited about it. In turn that enthusiasm helps those people to recruit better people as well."

Political ideology is also shaping the future of the industry as the new coalition government promotes a culture of outsourcing with Suffolk County Council being the pioneers of this new spirit by pledging to outsource everything, calculating that they will make savings of £300 million. Josh Cote for one is embracing this cultural shift:

"I'm excited about diversifying our business into running very large teams. A lot of people who come into our business don't want to do that, preferring to manage smaller projects but as long as a client is willing to teach us about their industry, we are willing and excited to learn."

Outsourcing sales is not only about gaining new customers but – especially in a recession- promoting a positive brand awareness that will lead to repeat business. Josh Cote believes this is where EA Worldwide have the edge on their competitors as most companies focus solely on the former, ignoring the benefits of a longer term strategy.

"EA Worldwide has proven itself to be great in both areas which is demonstrated by our established relationships with clients with whom we have long term recurring contracts."

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