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EA Worldwide

April 15, 2011 05:57 ET

EA Worldwide Prospers as Many Businesses Advertising Spend Plummets

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - April 15, 2011) - EA Worldwide have seen numbers in outsourced sales campaigns rise as many companies cut their advertising budgets over fears of the economy not recovering as quickly as previously suggested.

Spend on advertising is set to slow to 2.9% in 2011 shocking many industry executives. The numbers in the fourth quarter of 2010 suggested advertising budgets were on the rise as expenditure grew by 6.9% to reach £15.5billion but the overall spend during the first quarter of 2011 proves otherwise. According to the latest Bellwether survey, executives' confidence in the economy is at the lowest level in 18 months which has produced a lack of commitment to marketing and advertising spend.

EA Worldwide, an outsourced sales and marketing business based in central London develop sales and marketing campaigns for their clients who look for a more cost-effective results driven approach to selling and marketing a service or raising brand awareness. 'We have certainly noticed an increased awareness and interest in our services recently particularly now that many businesses are forced to take more care with their advertising budgets. Businesses are still wary coming out of the recession and plan to spend their budgets on targeting a more specific audience which will produce more sales and increased revenue' says Josh Cote, EA Worldwide Managing Director.

Budgets across all advertising and media channels have seen a drop in spend, including TV, radio, press coverage and events. Along with decreases in budgets, businesses struggle to know which avenue to spend money on, the effect of online advertising up against traditional forms is starting to show and many are confused as to where to allocate the budgets.

Businesses still understand the importance of advertising as it is an essential part of a company's growth but many are looking to invest money in campaigns that are more likely to produce results. 'Companies seem to be using their heads a little more these days and being more creative with where they spend their marketing and advertising budgets. It's a less impulsive type of behaviour; they're asking the questions, what sort of exposure will I be getting? Will that be among my preferred target audience? And how do we measure the results?' continues Josh Cote of EA Worldwide.

EA Worldwide has seen the benefits as businesses re-think where advertising budgets are spent and as executives continue to be cautious well into the second quarter of the year they will be the company to continue to watch throughout 2011.

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