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March 25, 2011 06:09 ET

EA Worldwide Recognized for Their Contribution to The British Red Cross and People in Crisis

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - March 25, 2011) - EA Worldwide an outsourced sales and marketing business based in central London have been given recognition by the British Red Cross for their part in acquiring new donors who make long term regular donations to the British Red Cross.

The British Red Cross are a humanitarian organisation that assists people in crisis by responding to emergencies and offering essentials such as food, clean water, clothing and support to ensure recovery of local communities. Non-profit and volunteer organisations like the British Red Cross rely on regular donations to ensure that their services can help people in need. EA Worldwide has worked in conjunction with many charities since opening their London office in early 2007, and have recently received thanks from The British Red Cross for their contribution in raising £11,544 in the fourth quarter of 2010.

The severity of natural disasters in recent times is a reminder of how important on-going donations are, Josh Cote, Managing Director or EA Worldwide says "We are really happy with the recognition received. Our goal is to encourage people to move from 'one off' donations to registering as regular donors to ensure charities such as the British Red Cross can continue to offer support to vulnerable people affected both here in the UK and Internationally by uncontrollable events and natural disasters".

EA Worldwide have worked in the charity sector for close to 4 years and observed many local and international campaigns launched by The British Red Cross providing benefits in a range of areas. The British Red Cross offer programs to educate people in first-aid, how to prepare and respond to disasters and many education and teaching resources to protect people in need and conflict. Many celebrities have lent their support in recent times including Annie Lennox, Konnie Huq and dance group Diversity to help raise awareness of the charity. "Assisting people and businesses to become more aware of the importance of regular donations is absolutely vital to these charities. Something as simple as skipping that morning coffee a couple of times a week and donating that money could potentially help save people's lives, their communities and our overall economy" continues Josh Cote of EA Worldwide.

EA Worldwide are continuing to source regular donors for many UK charities and voluntary organisations with plans to expand their resources to South Africa by the fourth quarter of 2011.

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