EA Worldwide

EA Worldwide

January 21, 2011 10:10 ET

EA Worldwide to Revamp Outsourced Sales

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Jan. 21, 2011) - EA Worldwide Acquisitions have this week announced a revamp of their outsourced sales campaigns.

Outsourced sales are successful when the target market is understood. EA Worldwide have increased their research into the consumers purchasing their clients' services. Understanding the consumer and their needs will assist with connecting their clients' objectives with the perfect target market. As an outsourced business EA Worldwide must ensure that they are educated on all aspects of the industry they represent, whether it's office supplies, telecoms or entertainment services, as is imperative when connecting with a target market through a direct marketing approach.

Outsourced selling through direct marketing has hit an all time high in recent months while advertising campaigns have seen a dip in conversion rates. It's been suggested that due to technological developments advertising is not nearly as effective as it was 5 years ago. Sky Plus allows you to skip TV adverts, Webwasher blocks banner ads online and it's far too easy to flip the page to avoid adverts in magazines or newspapers. 

EA Worldwide are a UK based outsourced sales business that provides accountability regarding all sales results produced and help their clients with functionality and the expertise to supplement their clients' internal resources. Having a unique, fresh and exciting direct marketing approach is fast becoming the best approach to increase sales and a business's market share.

EA Worldwide's revamp is expected to increase outsourced business to them by 15%.

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