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September 09, 2008 17:22 ET

EADS North America Test & Services Joins With Seica SpA to Enhance the Capabilities of Its T964 Digital Test Instrument Family

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwire - September 9, 2008) - EADS North America today announced that it has entered into an agreement with Seica SpA to provide comprehensive test development and execution software for the new Talon Instruments™ family of T964™ high-performance digital test instruments -- which are produced and marketed by the EADS North America Test and Services division in Irvine, California.

The modular T964 is tailored for a wide range of uses, from military systems that test avionics and electronic equipment to the check-out of advanced communications products in commercial production environments.

With the new commercial arrangement, the T964 is now being offered with Seica's powerful VIVA™ Test Platform, which provides digital test and diagnostics tools to develop, convert, and run digital test programs in production and maintenance applications. EADS will support and distribute VIVA with the T964.

A key advantage of the VIVA Test Platform is its compatibility with the many aging test systems fielded by military services -- allowing their legacy test software to be reused, enabling these older testers to be replaced with modern, supportable technology, without rewriting millions -- or billions -- of dollars worth of code. VIVA is compatible with most legacy digital test units, digital test instruments and board tester systems.

"VIVA preserves customers' investments in their test program sets (TPSs), while enabling them to take advantage of the T964's superior performance and reliability," said Jim Mulato, President of the EADS North America Test and Services division. "Many T964 customers need tools to convert legacy test programs from other manufacturers' instruments, or need sophisticated automated digital diagnostics tools. VIVA provides these capabilities for the T964."

Antonio Grassino, CEO of Seica SpA, said: "We are proud to support the market's most advanced modular digital instrument, the T964. We expect it to open new opportunities for Seica's production test solutions worldwide as customers deal with new test challenges. This also provides a superior solution to customers looking to migrate their production and maintenance programs from older 'big iron' board test systems."

The EADS North America commercial agreement with Seica SpA was announced today at the AUTOTESTCON 2008 conference in Salt Lake City, where both companies are participating as exhibitors.

About EADS North America Test and Services (

EADS North America Test & Services is a business division of EADS North America, Inc. It designs, manufactures, sells, and services electronic test and measurement equipment, systems, and software to leading high-technology customers throughout the world. The company works with core customers to define test requirements and deliver support solutions by providing general purpose ATE products, designing and building unique ATE products and systems, enhancing and integrating software offerings, and establishing nationwide OEM and military test engineering services. Among the key market sectors the company serves are military, aerospace, marine, medical, telecommunications, semiconductor, and commercial manufacturing.

(EADS North America Test and Services' exhibit booth at the AUTOTESTCON 2008 conference is: 303).

About Seica SpA (

Founded in 1986 as a "test house," Seica has transformed itself into one of the leading vendors of Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) worldwide, with over 900 systems installed on four continents. The company is headquartered in Strambino, Italy, with branch offices in France, the United States, China and Germany. From its creation, Seica has made significant investment in innovation maintaining a stable research and development department, along with a highly qualified pre- and post-sales technical organization. This has enabled Seica to become a world player in its own right, and to cooperate with other major players such as EADS North America Test and Services, providing leading-edge solutions to the consumer industry and defense electronics sector. Seica's products include the Pilot and BBT flying probe systems, Valid functional test systems and Firefly laser-based selective soldering system for electronic boards. ISO9001 certification was obtained by the company in 2001.

(Seica's exhibit booth at the AUTOTESTCON 2008 conference is: 843).

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