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July 16, 2008 10:15 ET

EADS North America's TYX Corporation Introduces DynaWorks® Into the U.S. Data Processing and Management Market

Latest Application Supports Servicing of the International Space Station Through the Automated Transfer Vehicle Cargo Resupply Spacecraft

RESTON, VA--(Marketwire - July 16, 2008) - The DynaWorks® tool for data processing, management and analysis is now available in the U.S. market, offering a highly capable software program that benefits from 20 years of service in test centers and other facilities around the world.

DynaWorks was developed by EADS Astrium's Intespace subsidiary, and is marketed and supported in the United States by TYX Corporation, a subsidiary of EADS North America.

This software tool is becoming an industry benchmark for real-time and post-processing of information from any data acquisition system. Its unique data management capabilities offer lower test costs while optimizing the process of acquiring, analyzing and automatically reporting the test data.

DynaWorks supports a full range of applications, including structural dynamics, mechanical evaluations, electromagnetic environment assessments, and thermal test and analysis for ground-, air- and space-based systems. This includes space launch vehicles and missiles, military aircraft and weapons, tanks, trucks and other platforms. DynaWorks tools are in service at more than 300 locations in Europe and Asia.

One of DynaWorks' most demanding uses is in support of Europe's Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV), which currently is servicing the International Space Station. The ATV was launched to the space station earlier this year, delivering a payload of equipment, food, fuel, water and oxygen for the orbital facility's crew.

DynaWorks is providing real-time monitoring and analysis of ATV data throughout the spacecraft's multi-month mission while docked to the manned orbital facility. This includes the transfer of propellant and water supplies, as well as using the ATV's own propulsion system to boost the International Space Station's orbital altitude.

For this application, DynaWorks was installed at the ATV's Toulouse, France control center, as well as at the spacecraft's design/production site in Les Mureaux, outside of Paris. Visual displays and additional analysis tools were created for specific data handling requirements in support of the ATV's attitude control, propulsion, communications, telemetry, thermal control, power levels and other functions.

All flight parameters for the Automated Transfer Vehicle are stored in real-time or on a deferred basis in a DynaWorks database, which is then made available for display and analysis. The amount of data treated is more than 10 gigabytes a day.

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TYX Corporation is a world leader in automatic test equipment (ATE) software and programming tools. The Reston, Virginia-based TYX has three main product lines: the PAWS (Professional ATLAS Work Station) TRD (Test Requirements Documents Tool) and TestBase. PAWS is used on hundreds of systems worldwide, while TestBase supports test programming in virtually all of the existing testing environments and has extensive database capabilities. TestBase is also used in the Design to Test environment utilizing DSI eXpress System Level Modeling Tool as well as in FLD (Forward looking Diagnostics) which incorporates both TestBase and TYX Corp's new SigBase Tool based on IEEE 1641.

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