Eagle Hill Exploration Corporation

Eagle Hill Exploration Corporation

July 05, 2011 11:15 ET

Eagle Hill Exploration Corporation: Summer 2011 Windfall Lake Property Update

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - July 5, 2011) - Eagle Hill Exploration Corporation ("Eagle Hill" or the "Company") (TSX VENTURE:EAG) is pleased to provide an update on the Company's work on the Windfall Lake Property (the "Windfall Lake Property" or the "Property"). This update will focus on the following:

  • Addition of 6,300 meters to the 2011 Drill Program;
  • Assays pending on 3,500 meters of drilling;
  • Identification of the Geological Structure hosting the Gold Mineralization;
  • Status of the Property's initial gold resource estimate and related NI 43-101 Technical Report; and
  • Summary of results of the first 10,000 meters of the 2011 Drilling Results.

Addition of 6,300 meters to the 2011 Drill Program

The Company completed 10,019 meters of drilling prior to the spring break-up or thaw period at the beginning of April. Based on the success of that drill program and the identification of additional targets that could increase the size of the mineralized gold zones, the Company added an additional 6,300 meters to the current drill program. Drilling began in mid-May and is progressing at a rate of 100 meters per day. Currently 6,100 meters has been drilled and logged and the Company anticipates that this program will be completed in the first week of July. The drill holes, for the most part are step-out holes designed to expand the north-east trend of the Caribou, the Zone 27, and the W3 gold zones. With the completion of the current drilling program, Eagle Hill will have satisfied the "earn-in" portion of its acquisition of 75% of the Windfall Lake Property from Noront Resources Ltd.

Assays pending on 3,500 meters of drilling

The Company's policy is to immediately log the core received from the drilling team. Any core that shows signs of disseminated and stockwork of pyrite mineralization is sent for assaying at the ALS labs in Val d'Or. The time to process the assay results has doubled since the backlog in winter due to an increase in backlog at the laboratories. The Company anticipates receiving the results from the first holes drilled in mid-May within the next few weeks and will immediately report all material assays. Receipt and reporting of assays should continue every 3 to 4 weeks to the end of August and will include results from the 3,500 meters of assays pending and 2,800 meters of new drilling.

Identification of the Geological Structure hosting the Gold Mineralization

Eagle Hill's Chief Geologist, Dr. Jean-Philippe Desrochers, along with his team have made significant strides toward understanding structure that hosts the mineralized gold zones. This is critical for both obtaining a solid initial resource calculation and being able to identify future potential areas of gold mineralization. Through the use of multiple tools, the team has been able to correlate the presence of identified gold zones with various indicators. Specifically, with the use of GoCad Modeling System, it was determined that the mineralized gold zones lie within and parallel to a 7.5 kilometer, southwest to northeast- trending shear zone. Historic drilling has shown presence of visible gold along this structure, some 1500 meters to the east-northeast of the main zones, which indicates the gold potential of this structure. In addition, new Induced Polarization anomalies testing conducted by the Company during the past winter shows a 100% correlation of low resistivity with our known gold zones. Based on this correlation, we have identified previously un-drilled targets that could extend our existing zones to the northeast and the southwest. The Company is currently compiling and contracting to complete IP testing along the entire 7.5 kilometer shear zone to help identify future drill targets. In addition, the new Induced Polarization survey has very good depth penetration and has shown that there may be further mineralization below an intrusion that cross-cuts our existing gold zones at a depth of 400 meters. The results of these new tools and their correlation to the existing gold zones are demonstrated on the Company's current PowerPoint available on the website at www.eaglehillexploration.com/investors.

Status of the Property's initial gold resource estimate and related NI 43-101 Technical Report

Eagle Hill has engaged SRK Consulting to produce the Property's initial gold resource estimate and related technical report compliant to National Instrument 43-101 guidelines. SRK has reviewed the Company's historic information, has been consulted with respect to the current drill program and has visited the site. The Company anticipates that this resource estimate will be announced in early fall 2011.

Summary of results of the first 10,000 meters of the 2011 Drilling Results

The following chart provides all material assays to date for the current 2011 Drill Program

From To Length Au Comments
(m) (m) (m) (g/t)
EAG-10-241 76.10 86.00 9.90 18.82 Caribou zone
incl. 80.00 81.00 1.00 163.00 Idem
EAG-10-242 35.00 36.00 1.00 7.38 In fault above Caribou zone
EAG-10-243 40.50 45.05 4.55 53.64 Caribou zone
incl. 41.00 42.00 1.00 224.00 idem
incl. 42.00 43.00 1.00 17.70 idem
EAG-10-244 82.00 96.00 14.00 2.81 Caribou zone
incl. 82.00 82.60 0.60 11.90 idem
incl. 87.00 88.00 1.00 9.88 idem
EAG-10-245 139.00 141.00 2.00 3.28 Caribou zone
286.00 294.15 8.15 3.27 New zone
385.45 408.00 22.55 1.12 Zone 27
EAG-10-246 99.00 100.00 1.00 6.18 In fault above Caribou
121.00 122.00 1.00 5.18 Just above Caribou Zone
136.00 149.00 13.00 1.60 Caribou zone
433.00 438.40 5.4 10.86 Zone 27
EAG-10-247 224.00 229.00 5.00 2.70 Caribou Zone
EAG-10-248 141.00 143.00 2.00 25.65 Mallard Zone
EAG-10-249 206.00 207.00 1.00 5.20 Above zone 27
213.00 224.00 11.00 2.07 Zone 27
EAG-10-250 128.00 140.80 12.80 1.19 Zone north of Zone 27
150.00 154.00 4.00 3.38 Zone north of Zone 27
EAG-10-251 45.00 46.00 1.00 7.75 Fault
63.00 67.00 4.00 2.60 Fault
226.00 237.00 11.00 9.00 Between Caribou and Zone 27
incl. 236.00 237.00 1.00 71.90 idem
332.55 338.80 6.25 94.50 SE splay of Zone 27
incl. 332.55 334.00 1.45 393.00 idem
375.00 382.70 7.70 7.70 Zone 27
407.00 410.00 3.00 4.10 NW of zone 27
EAG-11-252 16.00 20.00 4.00 26.89 Fault zone at start of hole
incl. 18.00 19.00 1.00 73.20 idem
incl. 19.00 20.00 1.00 20.80 idem
25.00 26.00 1.00 43.90 Fault zone as above
153.00 158.00 5.00 2.14 Mink Zone
EAG-11-253 227.00 234.00 7.00 9.49 Zone 27
250.00 251.00 1.00 18.50 Interval parallel to zone 27
270.00 271.00 1.00 19.75 Interval parallel to zone 27
EAG-11-254 32.65 36.30 3.65 2.23 Above fault, repetition of Caribou ?
80.00 92.80 12.80 1.13 Caribou zone
118.90 125.00 6.10 3.19 Zone parallel to Caribou
315.00 327.00 12.00 2.30 Mink Zone
335.00 338.00 3.00 2.85 Between Mink zone and Zone 27
354.00 362.00 8.00 1.59 Zone 27
EAG-11-255 65.00 66.20 1.20 1.07 In fault above Caribou
88.00 89.00 1.00 1.45 In fault above Caribou
122.00 126.00 4.00 2.79 Zone parallel to Caribou
176.00 178.00 2.00 1.38 Zone between Caribou and Mink
201.00 208.00 7.00 4.67 Between Caribou and Mink
232.90 234.50 1.60 4.33 Between Caribou and Mink
322.00 337.00 15.00 1.21 Zone 27
386.00 388.00 2.00 1.27 Zone below Zone 27, no name
506.50 508.00 1.50 3.03 Just above Red Dog, No name
EAG-11-256 189.00 193.00 4.00 2.43 Caribou Zone
EAG-11-257 47.00 48.00 1.00 1.59 No name
55.00 63.00 8.00 1.42 Extension of Caribou to the west by 100 m
193.00 194.00 1.00 2.57 No name
EAG-11-258 50.00 52.00 2.00 1.80 No name
58.00 59.00 1.00 3.52 Zone parallel to EM-axis
96.00 98.00 2.00 20.82 Extension of Caribou to the west by 200 m
156.00 157.00 1.00 1.24 No name
EAG-11-259 315.00 317.00 2.00 7.94 Mink Zone
393.00 412.00 19.00 13.32 Zone 27
incl. 395.00 396.00 1.00 58.50 idem
incl. 399.00 408.00 9.00 17.81 idem
incl. 402.00 403.00 1.00 66.40 idem
467.90 473.00 5.10 5.20 Zone below Zone 27
EAG-11-260 121.00 125.15 4.20 0.90 Zone parallel to Caribou
138.00 139.00 1.00 5.79 Single qtz-ab-chl vein 3cm thick. Tr Cpy
266.00 272.00 6.00 2.10 Mink Zone, up to 15% pyrite
396.00 399.00 3.00 0.80 Zone below Zone 27
482.70 483.50 0.80 8.60 Shear zone, 10% Py, 120 m to the NW of Zone 27
504.00 505.00 1.00 71.80 Py stringer zone, 135 m to the NW of Zone 27
EAG-11-261 288.10 291.00 2.90 2.45 Mink Zone
341.75 346.00 4.25 1.92 Zone between Mink Zone and Zone 27
EAG-11-262 134.00 142.00 8.00 8.97 Caribou Zone
EAG-11-263 51.00 56.25 5.30 1.90 Caribou Zone, 5 metres below bedrock surface
103.00 113.00 10.00 1.40 Pyrite zone north of Caribou
EAG-11-264 101.45 109 7.55 1.26 Mink Zone
EAG-11-265 127.00 129.00 2.00 6.86 Mink Zone
176.60 191.70 15.10 1.40 Zone 27 at 150 m elevation
EAG-11-266 31.00 35.00 4.00 2.60 Near surface zone
75.10 79.00 3.90 2.30 Mink Zone
EAG-11-267 177.00 186.20 9.20 1.20 Zone 30 m north of Zone 27
EAG-11-268 57.00 58.00 1.00 4.28 Isolated vein
EAG-11-269 194.20 203.00 8.80 3.30 Caribou Zone
422.10 433.00 10.90 2.20 Mink Zone
525.00 529.00 4.00 4.30 Zone 30 m north of Zone 27

The true widths are approximately 70% of reported width.

Gold analyses reported in this release were performed by standard fire assay using a 30 gram charge with atomic absorption finish and a gravimetric finish for assays greater than 10 grams per ton. Assays returning results over 1 ounce per ton of gold by atomic absorption are re-assayed using the metallic sieve method. All assays were performed by ALS Chemex Laboratory Group, in Val d'Or, Quebec. Sampling and analytical procedures are subject to a comprehensive quality assurance and quality control program. The QA-QC program includes duplicate samples, blanks and analytical standards.

Other Business

The Company has renewed its investor relations contract with the Montreal based firm MI3. MI3 provides information and translation services to the Company's Quebec based investors and other interested parties. In addition, MI3 arranges institutional and broker meetings and provides translation services on the Company's information packages. MI3 has been contracted for an additional year and will receive $4,000 per month and 300,000 one year options priced at $0.30 per common share to be vested quarterly as per TSX-Venture Exchange (the "Exchange") regulations. This transaction is subject to approval by the Exchange.

Jean-Philippe Desrochers, Ph.D., P.Geo. is a Qualified Person registered in Quebec as defined by NI-43-101 and has reviewed the technical information that this press release contains.

About the Windfall Lake Property

The Windfall Lake Property is comprised of 362 contiguous claims (over 12,000 hectares) in the Abitibi mineralized belt of northern Quebec. This area between Val d'Or and Chibougamau is known for its gold and copper production and excellent infrastructure for exploration and mining. Historically, the Windfall Lake Property has had extensive historic grassroots exploration work. Along with its independently acquired claims at the Windfall Lake Property. Eagle Hill has signed options with Murgor Resources Inc., Cliffs Natural Resources Inc. (formerly, Freewest Resources Canada Inc.), and Noront Resources Inc. to acquire the Windfall Lake Property.

About Eagle Hill Exploration Corporation

Eagle Hill Exploration Corporation is a Canadian mineral exploration company focused on the exploration and development of gold and precious metal prospects. The Company is set to become an advanced stage gold and precious metal exploration company with its acquisition of the Windfall Lake high grade gold project, located in Urban Township, Quebec, between Val-D'Or and Chibougamau. Eagle Hill seeks projects that contain or have potential to have large resource potential. The Company's website at www.eaglehillexploration.com and public filings at www.sedar.com provide additional information on its properties and other information with respect to its management and operations.


P. Bradley Kitchen, President


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