SOURCE: eApps Hosting

May 16, 2008 08:00 ET

eApps Hosting Now Offers the GlassFish Java Application Server in Economical VPS Hosting Plans

NORCROSS, GA--(Marketwire - May 16, 2008) - eApps Hosting announced that the GlassFish Open Source Application Server for Java EE 5, from the GlassFish community project, is now available as a click installable application service in low cost Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting plans.

The eApps Hosting service has supported Java since 1999, when the company's Tomcat hosting plans were launched. In 2001 a Java hosting service using JBoss, a J2EE compliant Java application server, was offered. Two years later, eApps Hosting was one of the first providers to offer Tomcat and JBoss in a Virtual Private Server. The company now offers the Glassfish Java application server for Java EE 5 in an economical Virtual Private Server using Virtuozzo virtualization software from Parallels™. GlassFish is derived from the Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 9, donated by Sun Microsystems, and source code from TopLink, a Java object-to-relational persistence architecture, donated by Oracle. Program code from GlassFish is used as the Reference Implementation for the Java EE 5 specification. The close relationship between the GlassFish community and Sun's Java project ensures that users of GlassFish will receive standards compliant support for the Java EE 5 specification in a timely manner.

The decision to offer GlassFish was made to further enhance eApps Hosting's support for Java applications. "Java continues to be the preferred technology for mission critical web applications. High end developers have embraced the Java EE 5 standard and the GlassFish Java application server. With our offering, these developers now have a place to deploy their applications," stated Barry Deutsch, Vice President of Operations for eApps Hosting.

For additional information contact eApps Hosting at +1-770-448-2100 USA or +44 (0)20 8133 6940 UK or or visit More information on eApps Hosting's GlassFish offering can be found at

eApps Hosting now offers the GlassFish Java application server for Java EE 5 on economical Virtual Private Server plans. The service is scalable vertically, allowing upgrades to a full dedicated server, and horizontally, by adding VPS servers in high availability clusters.

eApps Hosting is a value added provider of managed hosting services for businesses and organizations, serving more than 4,900 customers, running over 25,000 domains, in 130 countries. eApps Hosting offers a state of the art hosting platform, using Virtuozzo Virtual Private Server technology by Parallels™, for commercial-grade web sites and applications with highly personalized, responsive service. Virtuozzo is a product of Parallels™. Tomcat is a product of Apache Software Foundation. JBoss is a product of GlassFish is a product of GlassFish community. Java and Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 9 are products of Sun Microsystems, Inc. TopLink is a product of Oracle Corporation.

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