SOURCE: Viewtier Systems, Inc.

May 02, 2006 13:00 ET

Early Access Program for Parabuild 2.1 Is Open

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 2, 2006 -- Viewtier Systems, Inc. today announced the beginning of the Early Access Program (EAP) for its automated software build management server, Parabuild 2.1. A single-build configuration license is offered free of charge for each new bug found in the EAP builds. To join the EAP please visit

Parabuild helps software organizations reduce high risks of failures of projects by delivering potentially unbreakable daily builds. The goal of the EAP is to test new features and to gather additional requirements. EAP downloads are available for registered participants. The registration is free.

Parabuild 2.1 includes frequently requested features from Viewtier's customers, including:

Build Management

--  An ability to re-run an arbitrary build
--  Build parameters to support build promotion
Web User Interface
--  Build display groups
--  Next/previous navigation in build results
--  Change list diffs for two given builds
--  Build status embeddable into web pages
--  Description for a build request
--  Publishing build results via RSS
--  Recording and notifying a user that started build manually
--  Windows system tray client
Integration With Version Control Systems
--  Integration with Borland StarTeam
--  Integration with Serena ChangeMan Version Manager (PVCS)
--  Integration with SourceGear Vault
--  Integration with MKS Source Integrity Enterprise
About Viewtier Systems

Founded in 2004 and based in Mountain View, CA, Viewtier Systems is a software build automation company dedicated to solving the problem of high risks of failures of software projects caused by broken code base. Viewtier founder and president Slava Imeshev is available for interviews and Q&A, and can be reached by phone at 650-223-3320 or via email at

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