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Monsanto Canada Inc.

November 15, 2010 14:38 ET

Early Harvest Results Highlight Positive Performance of New Technology

DEKALB® Genuity® SmartStax™ Hybrids Stacking Up Well Against Competition

GUELPH, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 1, 2010) - Early returns from the corn harvest currently underway in Ontario and Quebec are highlighting positive performances for new Genuity® SmartStax™ technology.

Based on data from 323 comparisons between DEKALB Genuity® SmartStax™ hybrids and 'triple stacked' technology from all brands, DEKALB Genuity® SmartStax™ hybrids hold an average 4.8 bushel per acre advantage. In 128 comparisons between DEKALB Genuity® SmartStax™ hybrids and Pioneer 'double stacked' hybrids (Herculex® I with Liberty Link® technology and Roundup Ready 2 Technology®), DEKALB Genuity® SmartStax™ products hold an average 8.7 bushel per acre advantage.*

"We're very encouraged by the early results we've seen to-date," says Dr. Mark Lawton, technology development lead with Monsanto in eastern Canada, "and with reduced refuge to 5%, farmers can see an added benefit on their whole farm yield." Dr. Lawton notes that, "market research tells us that farmers take an average 12-bushel hit on their refuge acres. When they can reduce their refuge acres by 15 percentage points, the added benefit means about a 2-bushel per acre benefit across their whole farm. This is in addition to the inherent yield advantage that this new technology provides."

The Genuity® SmartStax™ technology is performing just as expected, Lawton says, emphasizing both the yield enhancement and yield protection properties of the technology. He says these early indicators are particularly gratifying in a year that saw areas of heavy insect pressure from a variety of pests, including Western Bean Cutworm, in parts of Ontario and Quebec. "Of course, we'll be continuing to monitor the harvest through to completion and gathering data from more sites." Lawton expects final tabulations based on the completed 2010 harvest should be available in late November or early December, depending on when harvest is finished.

"We've heard a lot of positive stories from the field on everything from standability and late season plant health to Western Bean Cutworm protection," says Denise Hockaday, DEKALB marketing manager. "It's nice when those anecdotal stories are supported by the kind of yield data we're starting to see."

Hockaday notes that DEKALB Genuity® SmartStax™ hybrids were introduced to the Canadian market on a limited basis for 2010 planting, with significantly more acres available for planting in 2011. For 2011, DEKALB brand seed will have 10 DEKALB Genuity® SmartStax™ hybrids available, ranging from 2575 CHU up to 3375 CHU. "In addition to the multiple mode-of-action insect and weed control that the Genuity® SmartStax™ technology provides, one of the other things that seems to be taking on more importance for farmers is the reduced refuge associated with the technology," she says. "In a year like this one, with significant insect pressure, farmers are telling us they were glad to have a new tool that not only simplified their planting and harvesting operations, but also gave them more insect-protected acres and more overall yield potential."

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*All comparisons were made between products within 2 Relative Maturity (RM) days rating of one another to establish a per product yield advantage.

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