Paul Scarafile

May 24, 2012 16:54 ET

Early Warning Announcement-National Instrument 62-103

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - May 24, 2012) - Paul Scarafile ("Scarafile") announces that he has acquired 3,200,635 units ("Units") of Dominion Citrus Income Fund ("Dominion Citrus"), comprising approximately 15.1% of the outstanding units of Dominion Citrus, through open market transactions on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

The Units referred to above were acquired for investment purposes only. In pursuing such investment purposes, Scarafile, alone or together with joint actors, may hold, vote, trade, dispose or otherwise deal in the units of Dominion Citrus at times, and in such manner, as he deems advisable to benefit from changes in market prices of such units, changes in the operations of Dominion Citrus, its business strategy or prospects, or from the sale or merger of Dominion Citrus. Scarafile and any joint actors may engage in communications with, without limitation, one or more unitholders of Dominion Citrus, one or more officers of Dominion Citrus and/or one or more members of the board of trustees of Dominion Citrus regarding Dominion Citrus, including but not limited to its operations and capital structure. Although the acquisition of the Units is for investment purposes, Scarafile may have engaged in, and may continue to pursue, either alone or with others, discussions with management or trustees of Dominion Citrus regarding alternatives to protect, grow and ultimately realize long-term value for unitholders. Furthermore, Scarafile may discuss such other alternatives, as he deems appropriate with other unitholders, industry analysts, investment and financing professionals or any other third parties. Scarafile and any joint actors reserve the right to formulate other plans and/or make other proposals, and take such actions with respect to their investment in Dominion Citrus or dispose of all the units of Dominion Citrus beneficially owned by them, in the public market or privately negotiated transactions. Scarafile, alone or together with any joint actors, may at any time reconsider and change his plans or proposals relating to the foregoing.

An early warning report with additional information in respect of the acquisition will be filed on SEDAR at under Dominion Citrus' profile or it can be obtained from Paul Scarafile, at 130 Crawford Street, Toronto, ON, M6J 2V4.

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