Earn IQ Inc

August 08, 2013 19:02 ET

Earn IQ Rocks the Loyalty/Rewards Industry

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - August 08, 2013) -  Earn IQ Inc., a New York startup, takes the next step in the Loyalty/Rewards industry by creating a nationwide coalition program composed of its individual merchants. The company currently serves the restaurant industry and will soon go the extra mile to include additional industries into its program.

How it works :

It is widely known that in today's market consumers don't want to carry different loyalty cards for different businesses. However, restaurant owners for example, need a loyalty system that is free, effective and easy for everyone to use. Earn IQ gives its members the ability to register and create their account through the company's website, or through its mobile application. From that point on, with every order placed online, through the application, or in-store by scanning the card, consumers get rewarded either 5%, 7% or 9% of their total bill. The merchant, upon joining the Earn IQ network chooses the percentage tier.

What's in it for the merchant:

Earn IQ is a first of its kind solution in the US for merchants seeking to generate & maintain a loyal customer base. For no fee at all, Earn IQ supplies the merchant with a tablet preloaded with the company's application, membership cards, promotion material, tablet training and 24/7 Customer Service. In addition, businesses get a clear view of their most loyal and valuable customers and plan accordingly in advance. The only requirement for merchants to join Earn IQ, is to have Fax & Wi-Fi in their store.

What's in it for the customer:

Apart from using Earn IQ for free, which is expected in today's market, customers get money back in cashPoints every time an order is placed. 1 cashPoint = 1 Dollar. The customers then can redeem these cashPoints in any participating restaurant in the network and pay less on their total bill. The amazing part is that even when customers pay using cashPoints, (part or the total bill), they still earn cashPoints. In addition, Earn IQ uplifts its service with a mobile application serving iPhone users, where consumers can locate participating merchants, get directions, view their rewards, place an order online and much more.

As Earn IQ builds its customer base, consumer awareness rises and people are encouraged to suggest new merchants to sign up. Ideally, loyalty should be Fast, Free and Easy and it looks like Earn IQ has made that possible.

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