April 16, 2009 05:44 ET

Earth Day Canada joins Aeroplan's Beyond Miles Program

    TORONTO and MONTREAL, April 16  - Aeroplan is pleased to
announce Earth Day Canada as its newest charitable partner in Aeroplan's
Beyond Miles Program. Aeroplan launched the partnership with a donation of
1,250,000 Aeroplan Miles and as part of its commitment to the environment,
Aeroplan will offset all carbon emissions from flights taken by Earth Day
Canada using donated miles.
    "We're thrilled to be adding Earth Day Canada to our program. Member
response to our green initiatives has been strong and many members have told
us they also wanted to be able to donate their miles to an environmental
organization," said Vince Timpano, President, Aeroplan. "Earth Day Canada
provides Canadians with the practical knowledge and tools to lessen our impact
on the environment and encourages participation by empowering people to
achieve local solutions that support a healthier environment. We are proud to
support them."
    The Beyond Miles Program enables Aeroplan Members to donate miles to
eight exceptional Canadian charities that are committed to improving lives and
enriching communities across Canada and abroad. As its newest member, Earth
Day Canada will use the miles to offset costs related to travel by air and by
land, including training for coordinators across Canada, educational
initiatives and outreach to communities.
    "We are proud to be the environmental partner of Aeroplan's Beyond Miles
Program. This support not only ensures Earth Day Canada can offset any travel
requirements, but helps us build the capacity of the organization," said Jed
Goldberg, President of Earth Day Canada. "As Aeroplan's newest charitable
partner we will be able to bring program stakeholders to Toronto, secure new
office equipment, computer software, and develop attractive prizing for our
programs, rewarding individuals, groups and households for lessening their
impact on the environment."
    In addition to adding Earth Day Canada to its Beyond Miles program,
Aeroplan also supports the environment through its Green It Up program.
Launched in 2007, the program enables Aeroplan Members to use Aeroplan Miles
to buy carbon offsets and offset the emissions generated by their travel and
everyday activities. This year, in celebration of Earth Day and to raise
awareness of Aeroplan's Green It Up program, Aeroplan will match all miles
redeemed for carbon offset credits by 25 per cent on April 22nd as well as
make a donation of 2,500 miles per employee. This adds up to 3,250,000 miles
towards carbon offsets purchased from the Carbon Reduction Fund of Canada -
equivalent to 256 small cars being taken off the road for a full year.
Aeroplan also offers a wide-ranging roster of eco-friendly rewards against
which members can redeem their miles. In 2008, Aeroplan Members redeemed over
34 million miles for nearly 2,000 eco-friendly rewards.
    For more information about Aeroplan's Green It Up program, please visit: and click on 'Social Responsibility' or to offset,

    About Beyond Miles

    The Beyond Miles program invites Aeroplan members to join us in
supporting eight Canadian charitable organizations through the donation of
Aeroplan Miles including: Earth Day Canada, Engineers Without Borders-Canada,
Médecins Sans Frontières-Canada, Schools Without Borders, The Stephen Lewis
Foundation, Veterinarians Without Borders-Canada and War Child Canada. In
addition to supporting these organizations, Beyond Miles also supports Air
Canada's Kids' Horizons, a program dedicated to enhancing the quality of life
of Canadian children and youth and their families. In 2008, more than 57
million miles were donated to Beyond Miles. For more information about Beyond
Miles, please visit

    About Earth Day Canada

    Earth Day Canada (EDC), a national environmental charity founded in 1990,
provides Canadians with the practical knowledge and tools they need to lessen
their impact on the environment. In 2004 it was recognized as the top
environmental education organization in North America, for its innovative
year-round programs and educational resources, by the Washington-based North
American Association for Environmental Education, the world's largest
association of environmental educators. In 2008 it was chosen as Canada's
"Outstanding Non-profit Organization" by the Canadian Network for
Environmental Education and Communication. EDC regularly partners with
thousands of organizations in all parts of Canada.

    About Aeroplan

    Celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2009, Aeroplan, Canada's premier
loyalty program, is owned by Groupe Aeroplan Inc., a leading international
loyalty management corporation. Aeroplan's millions of members earn Aeroplan
Miles with its growing network of over 70 world-class partners, representing
more than 150 brands in the financial, retail, and travel sectors. In 2008,
over 2 million rewards were issued to members including more than 1.5 million
round-trip flights on Air Canada and Star Alliance carriers which offer travel
to more than 900 destinations worldwide. In addition to flights, members also
have access to over 600 exciting specialty, merchandise, hotel, car rental and
experiential rewards. For more information about Aeroplan, please visit or

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