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July 20, 2011 11:00 ET

EarthRisk Technologies Unveils HeatRisk for Predicting Summer Heat Waves and Extreme Weather

Breakthrough in Atmospheric Research Technology Helps Detect Extreme Weather Events Nearly a Month in Advance Heightening Energy Resource Planning and Business Decision Making

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - Jul 20, 2011) - EarthRisk Technologies, a pioneer in the research, analysis and visualization of extreme temperature and weather pattern risks, today announced HeatRisk, a software analytics module within the TempRisk suite of products designed to deliver advanced warning of coming heat waves and extreme weather events up to 40 days before they occur. Targeting energy, supply chain management, city planning, financial markets and other sectors relying on sound weather information, HeatRisk offers a viable path for drastically reducing costs associated with summer energy resource planning.

HeatRisk utilizes historical weather data coupled with newly developed (and patent pending) algorithms and atmospheric research created in conjunction with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego, to smash the two week barrier associated with current weather forecasting methods.

"By delivering reliable projections on the likelihood of a heat wave or extreme cold snap well in advance, energy companies can implement critical planning practices to meet air conditioning and heating demand more efficiently and at a lower cost," stated Stephen Bennett, founder and chief science officer of EarthRisk Technologies. "Our ability to extend the forecast beyond two weeks is an ability meteorologists and energy analysts alike have long been waiting for."

The HeatRisk module is powered by TempRisk, the company's flagship platform used for detecting both hot and cold weather patterns. Based on the software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription model and sold through an exclusive partnership with Earth Networks, provider of real-time weather and climate information, visualization and alerting products and solutions, TempRisk views the atmosphere at both high and low altitudes around the globe for variables ranging from pressure patterns and jet stream position to air temperature and even thunderstorm activity. Analysis of these variables against historical weather records from as far back as 60 years empowers the improved risk assessment for either extreme cold or extreme heat for specific regions of interest, with longer lead times than traditional methods allow.

"EarthRisk brings an advanced solution for predicting extreme weather events to our customers around the globe," says Earth Networks chief technology officer Christopher Sloop. "The addition of the HeatRisk module within the TempRisk suite perfectly complements our comprehensive solutions with highly practical applications in the energy and utility markets. It also shows great promise for benefiting the agriculture sector as well."

TempRisk has been implemented by several large energy companies and financial institutions worldwide to manage resource flow and hedge energy positions needed for the coming months. TempRisk was used to successfully anticipate last winter's extraordinary cold-air mass over Europe that dramatically spiked natural gas prices and went on to be the coldest December in over 100 years. EarthRisk's modeling tools provided strong signals over 21 days in advance of this event creating tremendous value for energy traders. In addition, TempRisk signals strongly indicated that the eastern United States would transition to a severe cold pattern in December more than three weeks before it occurred. This weather pattern also resulted in a blizzard that paralyzed the East Coast, affecting over 80-million Americans.

Most recently, HeatRisk was utilized to accurately signal June's severe heat wave that gripped much of the nation.

"Our success in predicting June's heat wave and last year's winter blast that severely crippled the East Coast impacting the entire United States is a testament to our unique ability to augment existing weather data with our own probability algorithms to foresee what most likely will occur down the road. This type of information is crucial to any industry where weather can have an adverse impact on operations," added John Plavan, CEO of EarthRisk Technologies.

The HeatRisk module is available now through an exclusive partnership with Earth Networks, the only authorized dealer of TempRisk. For more information call 858-413-RISK or visit

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EarthRisk Technologies is a pioneer in research and analytics for predicting extreme weather phenomena and temperature fluctuations over long periods of time. TempRisk, the company's web-based platform utilizes historical data to analyze the risk for extreme winter cold and summer heat patterns up to 40 days before it occurs. These patent pending algorithms were developed in conjunction with Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego. EarthRisk is proud to be the exclusive commercial licensee to this technology. For more information, visit

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