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November 02, 2011 09:14 ET

East Carolina Bank Introduces New Secure Browsing Service From IronKey

IronKey Trusted Access Protects Online Banking Customers From Cyber Thieves

ENGELHARD, NC and SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 2, 2011) - East Carolina Bank, a community banking innovator in North Carolina, is stepping up its protection for customers against escalating threats from cyber thieves targeting ACH, wire transfers and online banking. East Carolina Bank will offer its customers IronKey Trusted Access, the secure browsing solution that prevents identity theft, payments fraud and online banking account takeover.

Available initially to business customers in a Trusted Access portable USB form factor, the bank plans to offer retail customers Trusted Access as a downloadable software application in the future. Both form factors provide customers an easy-to-use and safe way to access their online accounts. Offering Trusted Access is part of East Carolina Bank's strategy to compete for customer business with highly differentiated banking products that offer substantive value. Trusted Access also allows the bank to meet and exceed new Federal Financial Institutions Examinations Council (FFIEC) guidance to reduce the risk of online banking fraud.

"Our customers' security is one of the highest priorities at our bank. Businesses, local governments, and consumers across the country are unknowingly being targeted on their computers by criminal gangs. As a foundational part of our local North Carolina commitment, East Carolina Bank is pleased to partner with IronKey to keep our customers and their assets safe," said James J. Burson, executive vice president and chief revenue officer. "IronKey Trusted Access brings the security and safety our customers feel when visiting our bank locations to their online banking. This is just one more way that East Carolina Bank is innovating to leapfrog our competition. Trusted Access is part of our bank's strategy to grow our customer base."

East Carolina Bank's new Trusted Access service is an affordable online security solution that protects its customers from the growing number of online threats. The Anti-Phishing Working Group estimates that 25 percent of all computers are infected with crimeware designed to steal money. Today's anti-malware software fails to detect these threats at least 75 percent of the time according to real-time research from SpyEye Tracker1. As a result, online banking account takeovers grew more than 150 percent based on new research published by FS-ISAC (Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center). (Video: Executives of East Carolina Bank explain the Trusted Access secure browsing service)

With Trusted Access, customers know they are accessing an authentic site and that their transactions are not being monitored or tampered with by criminals. East Carolina Bank is first offering this new service to their business customers, building on the bank's commitment to personalized service and high levels of security. The secure browser is one part of the IronKey Trusted Access Platform that provides financial institutions with multiple layers of security integrated to dramatically reduce the risk of online banking fraud. Banks can start with secure browsing to immediately reduce the risk of account takeovers where criminal attacks begin -- on the bank customers' computers -- and add additional layers of security as needed.

Unlike other approaches, Trusted Access assumes a client's computer is infected with the latest zero-day attack that would go undetected by anti-virus and other software technologies. Trusted Access provides a secure Web browser protected in a fully virtualized, read-only environment tailored to protect online banking sessions from known and unknown crimeware. Even if a computer is infected with malware, the online banking session should remain safe, secure, and private.

"East Carolina Bank is bringing the highest level of online banking security to its customers in North Carolina by offering IronKey Trusted Access," said Arthur Wong, CEO of IronKey. "The bank's customers can now feel confident when they go online to conduct business that their transactions and assets are safe. This puts East Carolina Bank well ahead of their competition."

The IronKey Trusted Access method is one of the effective security controls recognized by the FFEIC in its new guidelines for stronger online security that go into effect starting January 2012. Trusted Access also meets NACHA and FBI recommendations for safe online banking by providing a dedicated, isolated and secure browser environment. And the secure browser approach is recognized by research firm Gartner, Inc. as one of most critical security controls for preventing online banking fraud.

For more information about East Carolina Bank and their Trusted Access offering, visit or call 1-800-849-2265. More information about IronKey's Trusted Access Platform and downloadable secure browser is available online.

About East Carolina Bank
East Carolina Bank is a state chartered, independent, community bank founded in 1919 and opened for business on January 20, 1920. ECB provides a full range of financial services through its 25 offices covering eastern North Carolina from Currituck to Ocean Isle Beach and Greenville to Hatteras. The bank also provides Mortgage, Wealth Management, and Insurance Services through the bank's licensed agents. The company's common stock is listed on the NASDAQ Global Market under the symbol "ECBE." More information can be obtained by visiting ECB's web site at

About IronKey
Ranked as the 14th best venture-funded company in The Wall Street Journal's "Next Big Thing 2011" survey, IronKey secures data and online access with software and hardware solutions managed through cloud-based services. IronKey's award-winning Trusted Access Platform helps financial institutions reduce the risk of online fraud, achieve compliance with Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) guidelines, and acquire new customers with a competitive advantage. Starting with secure browsing that keeps customers safe from crimeware attacks on their PCs, banks can add multiple layers of security to meet the needs of client risk and value. Visit for more information.

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(1) SpyEye Tracker, September 9, 2011,

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