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June 19, 2012 06:42 ET

EBA Research Shows Posture Garments® Help Occupational Computer Users Sit Up Straight

Garments Proven to Improve the Posture, Lung Function and Hand Strength

SANTA ANA, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 19, 2012) - Evidence Based Apparel (EBA), developer of high-tech wellness apparel, today released the results of a study conducted among occupational computer users. The research aimed to determine the short and long-term effects of wearing a Posture Garment®, EBA's scientifically designed anatomical garment, during prolonged computer use. The study, which was conducted during a period of four weeks, measured key wellness variables.

"At EBA we believe that placing evidence behind our claims is a primordial aspect of our business," said Bill Schultz, CEO and founder of EBA. "We have performed over six years of clinical and scientific research in cooperation with various institutions in order to validate the therapeutic effect of our garment technology. The result is quality, high-tech apparel that is clinically proven to enhance athletic performance, reduce fatigue and prevent injuries."

The research, conducted among 95 volunteer computer users employed at Colorado Springs Utilities (Colorado Springs, CO), found that participants' posture improved both immediately and over time. The Posture Garment® instantly enhanced shoulder and head posture by 3.2 and 1.6 percent(1), respectively. By the end of the fourth week of the study, participants' shoulders had shifted back one centimeter (.39 inches) and their head position was raised by 2.5 degrees.

The study also showed that Posture Garments ® improved lung function by one percent (5 L/min), which is comparable to the effect of some asthma medications. Additionally, the garments proved to enhance grip strength by 3.8 percent as soon as it was worn, and by 5.4 percent (an additional 5.4 lbs. of hand power) at the end of the study.

Overall, participants sat up straighter at the completion of the study, and their roundback (thoracic kyphosis) had decreased by 2 degrees (1.7 percent improvement).

The Posture Garment® incorporates four-way stretch form fit fabrics and limited-stretch Neurobands™. This patented, groundbreaking technology stimulates the user's muscles and body neurobiology. By gently pulling shoulders back and scapula down, Posture Garments® enhance the anatomical alignment of the spine, scapula, shoulder and arms.

Improved alignment, in combination with the fabric tension provided by the Posture Garment®, stimulates the sensory receptors in the skin and muscles to send messages to the brain, subsequently increasing postural awareness. The result is consistent postural cues that eventually can have a long-lasting effect on posture, even after the garment is off.

The full study and its findings are available upon request.

About EBA and Its Posture Garments
Evidence Based Apparel, a division of Alignmed, Inc., develops garments that incorporate patented, groundbreaking technology clinically proven to stimulate the user's muscles and body neurobiology and enhance athletic performance, reduce fatigue, improve overall posture and prevent injuries. The Southern California-based company is committed to understanding the interactions of multiple biological responses in the human body and to integrate them into apparel that is comfortable and attractive.

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(1) All percentages represent averages among all participants.

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